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Subj: Re: Hulk Vs Thor my opinions (spoilers within)
Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 at 07:26:10 pm EST (Viewed 137 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Hulk Vs Thor my opinions (spoilers within)
Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 at 06:04:00 pm EST (Viewed 147 times)


      1- They were trying to say Hulk got tranqed because Wolverine was able to wear him down to the point it worked.

    Well it was still very stupid. Wolverine in all his encounters with Hulk has never wore Hulk out like that. Which begs the question, how come Weapon X couldnt capture Hulk alone? Is Wolverine really THAT much better than Weapon X as a whole?

      2- Hulk will never be able to hit with the same power as Thor. PERIOD. Thor has always been and will always be more powerful. Hulk may be able to get stronger but when it comes to POWER Thor dwarfes any and all versions of the Hulk.


    You know... This isn't the battle board, and I didn't come here for a "my daddys bigger than yours" argument I came here to discuss the film quietly with the Thor fans. FWIW I have to respectfully say I don't think you are correct about physical strength. I think Hulk (most versions) will always have an edge on Thor in physical strength, otherwise there is no way in hell Hulk would be able to fight Thor given Thor's warrior skills and other powers. And certainly not to the stalemates that have been in the past. And that is all I can really say on that subject.

      3- You are correct Hela wouldn't have any right to claim Thor's soul. Thor wouldn't have died a coward there he would have given his life for the sake of the realm. His place in Valhalla would have been assured.

    I thought not. Which was why I had a heck of a shock when she said she nearly claimed his soul. I thought, how!? He was a warrior who would have died in battle it would be the keeper of Valhalla that would come for him not Hela. But well, I'm glad my keen observations found something there that was inaccurate.

I agree about Wolverine he shouldn't have been able to do that. Noe should Hulk's being weary have anything to do with his SET durability level. The darts should have bounced off of him. But it again shows the vast disrespect/dislike they have of Thor. Where Wolverine can do something he has no buisness doing. Where as Thor matched perfectly even with Banner-less Hulk, IN PHYSICAL STRENGTH ALONE. he has every right, in character, in Power, In strength to have put Hulk down, yet didn't, and took a beating.

And I'm not making this a vs, I'm simply pointing out a fact. Thor will always be able to hit with FAR more power than Hulk. Hulk can muster more strength, but Thor can add all different kinds of power to his blows making him vastly more dangerous.

"Pay Homage to the Might of Thor, Son of Odin!"- Odin
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