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Subj: Re: Greetings Seeker! + Comments about Hulk & Thor's strengths.
Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 at 01:06:49 pm EST (Viewed 224 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Greetings Seeker! + Comments about Hulk & Thor's strengths.
Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 at 10:49:40 am EST (Viewed 185 times)


      Taking into context that they were having to move the film along within a limited time frame things like that I kind of sadly just ignore if necessary to move it along. I do think the Wolverine one was done with more respect toward both characters and had a better fight. I think the commentary made that clear. Overall though, I think Deadpool stole the show on that one. One thing I due wonder is the writers said they went back and added the Wolverine origin. Since they was supposed to be a good deal about the Hulk I wish they had not turned it into a Wolverine origin story or even a Hulk origin since both are so well-known. I would have liked some more detail about the Hulk such as how he even got in Canada. After all, how many times in popular media have the basic origins of both these characters been told?

    Yeah there is something else that bothered me about the Hulk vs Wolverine film, it was more like Wolverine vs Hulk than the other way about. Wolverine was the star of the show and Hulk was more like an additional supporting character, though... It didnt' really bother me that much.

      HULK vs THOR

      That is what pours salt into the wound. One could excuse at face value that the writers tried to show both respectfully, but simple fouled the ball, but once you listen to the commentary they come off as deliberate making Thor and all of Asgard look all as incompetent. As they point out of the three characters Thor is the least well-known. So how does it make sense from a marketing stand point to have him do poorly? I would think overall this would only create less interest in the character. That and squeezing his entire cast in there with no background at all comes across as poorly as well.

    I agree with that sentiment. They could have elaborated more on Thor and Asgard. ESPECIALLY as they took such care to do so with the Hulk vs Wolverine episode! Wolverine had a LOT more exposure than Thor did.

      Thing is Thor has fought that version of the Hulk and done at least decently against it which doesn't make since if you know that story and then watch the film.

    Hulk #300. Yes Thor takes on the Mindless Hulk, its a shame really that they didn't make more out of that than they did. I actually got my Hulk 300 out of the filing cabinet and am looking at it now. Splash page where Hulk and Thor charge one another it seems. Lightning going everywhere... then there is all that stuff with Dr Strange... then its back to the fight, Hulk tries to crush Thor with a car, which Thor promptly hammers to bits. He hits Hulk accross the chest then with Mjolnir, Hulk is unphased. Hulk then punches out at Thor, and I think given the art, he misses... Thor then smacks Hulk away, Hulk gets up picks up his adamantium statue, and Thor realises if Hulk starts hitting him with that he could die... he tosses mjolnir at it and it vibrates loudly Hulk drops it... Strange then shows up and Banishes Hulk. That's all there was to the fight. Thor did reasonably well in that issue. Must give him credit where its due!

    Reasonably well? I think the Hulk did reasonably well against Thor.

    Even in issue #300, Thor is STILL trying to reason with the mindless savage Hulk. Thor had no problem matching the Hulk blow for blow.

    Also the Hulk was unable to stand against the fury of Mjolnir when Thor decided to no longer hold back.

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