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Subj: A few points.
Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 at 01:57:55 pm EST (Viewed 164 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Greetings Seeker! + Comments about Hulk & Thor's strengths.
Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 at 10:49:40 am EST (Viewed 180 times)

    I know that there is this idea that just because Thor hasn't done the strength feats Hulk has doesn't mean he can't do them. Well I always think of Hulk 440. Thor with his powers returned to full and with Warrior madness, takes on the Hulk in a vicious battle and Hulk pins him down with one arm (Hulk lets go when he hears the nuke coming down). Thor 385 is another instance, Hulk overpowered Thor in their scuffle there enough to toss Thor thru a wall into a shopping mall and then proceeded to land SIX unanswered shots on Thor. Thor though, awesome credit to him was STILL conscious after all that! Kudos to Thor. Seriously!

    So that is where my ideas of Hulk being physically stronger than Thor comes from. But you know what? Those examples don't mean a great deal. Because... and the reason being, when it comes to asking me "Spider-Hulk, who is more powerful, Hulk or Thor?" I answer
    "Spider-Hulk who is a better fighter, Hulk or Thor?" I have to answer

    I don't want the Thor faithful to admit, Okay Hulk might be stronger, Thor has done that himself already! ;\-\) LOL sorry! Im just playing with you (but he has!), but to my mind, Thor IS more powerful than Hulk is overall. As Run DMC would say, "Its like that, and that's the way it is."

Here's where I interupt you again. Haven't read the rest but this need be addressed. I myself as a Thor fan admit Hulk can ATTAIN greater strength than Thor, but he doesn't start that way. Also since Thor holds back to such a HUGE extent. It will always be very difficult to judge just where Hulk's strength would surpass Thor's own.

But as for "Thor not doing the strength feats Hulk has", that's nonsense. Thor actually has a VASTLY superior lifting feat to ANYTHING, and EVERYTHING Hulk has ever done I'm sorry but it's true. The best lifting feat Hulk has is barely being able to brace, that's JUST BRACE 150 billion tons. Nothing to scoff at really. But infinitesimally small compared to lifting Jormugandr which weighs as much as the Earth.

Even with that I agree Hulk could surpass Thor's strength level but by the time it could happen Hulk would have been KOed.

As for Hulk #440 that was just ridiculously stupid. First Thor in true Warrior's Madness would CRUSH any and all versions of Hulk and do it with ease. That's Thor at Ten TIMES his normal level. Plus that comic actually suggested that Thor would be affected, in any way shape or form by the cold water. The writer of that book aught to have his head examined. This goes back to begging the question WHY? Where was the Editor, the EIC?

As for Thor 385, remember this for all the Hulk did he couldn't put Thor down. THAT was the point. That and Hulk admitted to a fear of Thor at the end. So unlike with this idiotic movie both Hulk fans, and Thor fans were given something.

"Pay Homage to the Might of Thor, Son of Odin!"- Odin
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