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Subj: Re: A few points.
Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 at 03:51:27 pm EST (Viewed 213 times)
Reply Subj: A few points.
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    Here's where I interupt you again. Haven't read the rest but this need be addressed. I myself as a Thor fan admit Hulk can ATTAIN greater strength than Thor, but he doesn't start that way. Also since Thor holds back to such a HUGE extent. It will always be very difficult to judge just where Hulk's strength would surpass Thor's own.

The Hulk when he takes on Thor also holds back, reluctantly of course, because of the exertion of Banner's influence. Most recent example, World War Hulk. Hulk and Banner being on the same page and we saw a glimpse then of just how formidable the Hulk truly is.

    But as for "Thor not doing the strength feats Hulk has", that's nonsense. Thor actually has a VASTLY superior lifting feat to ANYTHING, and EVERYTHING Hulk has ever done I'm sorry but it's true. The best lifting feat Hulk has is barely being able to brace, that's JUST BRACE 150 billion tons. Nothing to scoff at really. But infinitesimally small compared to lifting Jormugandr which weighs as much as the Earth.

Also I would point out that the Hulk that braced the mountain, was a Banner Controlled Hulk, which is not one of the Hulk's more formidable incarnations.

    Even with that I agree Hulk could surpass Thor's strength level but by the time it could happen Hulk would have been KOed.

Many people think Hulk needs time to "amp up" to match the strength of his oppenents. You mention the mountain brace, tell me, how much time did he have to amp up to catch that on his back? Seconds at most. So I'm not sure if what you are saying is and I hate this term... "Fanboyism" or actual fact.

    As for Hulk #440 that was just ridiculously stupid. First Thor in true Warrior's Madness would CRUSH any and all versions of Hulk and do it with ease. That's Thor at Ten TIMES his normal level. Plus that comic actually suggested that Thor would be affected, in any way shape or form by the cold water. The writer of that book aught to have his head examined. This goes back to begging the question WHY? Where was the Editor, the EIC?

I know, 10 times normal level, yet the Hulk still hung with him. That has to tell you something about the Hulk's ability to go the distance with Thor. It tells me, the only reason he can fight Thor is because he is THAT strong. Any other strength only character wouldn't really stand a chance against Thor.

    As for Thor 385, remember this for all the Hulk did he couldn't put Thor down. THAT was the point. That and Hulk admitted to a fear of Thor at the end. So unlike with this idiotic movie both Hulk fans, and Thor fans were given something.

They were yes, and I said that Hulk despite bludgeoning Thor couldn't put him down. Heck the last scrap they had in 2001, Hulk left Thor in a crater! And yet Thor STILL got up. I'm not detracting anything form Thor, I am not a Hulk fan come Thor detracter. Like some of the fanatics on the battle board. I will give Thor every credit, every time.

And just in case anbody thinks I am lying about being a Thor fan, I have proof lol of my fanness! There is my TPB of Thor 1-6 and there is my copy of Thor 600, very cool! and there is a second copy with my left hand in the picture so you know... its really me!!

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