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Subj: Follow up.
Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 at 08:13:46 pm EST (Viewed 77 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Mr. Donar, a quesion.
Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 at 06:45:29 am EST (Viewed 138 times)

Thank you for the response.

I'll do my best to answer honestly, and I take no offense at all.

    Whenever I start discussions of a religions nature I've developed that as a reflection action due to past experiences.

      My relationship with Odin would not the same as my good friend Woden would have, just as his experiences with Thorr would difer from mine.
      Suffice to say, we both know not to trust Loki, and that not inviting Freya where she is needed is a grave mistake.

    Question: In my readings apparenlty Loki was not worshiped in ancient times. He was regarded as a supernatural being, but may not have even been regarded as a god. I supposed that would have to do with his place as always an outsider. To smart to be a giant, but not quite an Aesir.

    Regarding modern Asatru, most I have heard do not venerate Loki due to his destructive or very least untrustworthy nature, but I have heard some try and follow him due to Loki being most often a force of change and while his actions may be seen as evil they are often necessary and are for the greater good such as winning the Aesir their most famous treasures or building the wall around Asgard. What is your opinion of this if I may ask?

    How is Odin regarded? From what I understand he is considered to be a grim god with certain.........questionable habits and actions. What, at least from your point of view is your understanding of him if I may ask?

    You said: "and that not inviting Freya where she is needed is a grave mistake." Could you please elaborate on this?

    Finally, how is Heimdall regarded? Of all the gods he is the only one I cannot find any real information on how he was regarded by the ancient Norse or even modern Asatru. I know the basic stories and descriptions about him being Odin's son by nine mothers, fathering the races of men, being Loki's adversary, guardian of Bifrost, having gold teeth, etc. But unlike the others I have been unable to find anything he was or is venerated for or what his domain is. I have heard him sometimes referred to as the god of the dawn and light, but is that just due to his association with the rainbow or that he was sometimes described as the "White god" (I think meant to associate with his brightness)

      For me, Thorr is a presence that I've felt much of my life. I can't say that I 'see' Him as a red bearded male, because I've really only felt Him with me, which is something quite hard to quantify literally...but I'll try, as crazy as it may sound. His 'moods' vary, but there is always an overwhelming sense of raw power and strength. The best way to describe it would be the feeling you get when lightning strikes close by and the thunder shakes your bones...imagine the feeling after that, but without the thunder to explain it.

    I think I understand as well as I can without actually feeling it. Thank you for the description.

    Again, thank you for your time.

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