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      Anyway I read Thor 600, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, though there were a few things that puzzled me somewhat when I was reading through it. The first thing is Bor, ok this is Odin's father, presumably, Bor is of similar power level to Odin. Yet, Loki was able to take him out in one blast. The narration of course stating that Bor was not expecting it so didn't raise his defenses. Also Odin neglecting to restore his father... puzzled me. Why wouldnt Odin have restored Bor?

    The key problem...gods are pretty much immortal and Bor wasn't looking to give up the throne any time soon. Add in that hot-tempers and stubborness run in the family and you have a collision. Odin wanted to follow his own dreams and path in life, but Bor refused. I don't know if you read Thor 7-8 when Odin explained about his father. Odin created humans and Bor in a fit of rage unleashed every horror he could think of. How many times did Thor and Odin butt heads over who was right and what path Thor should follow? Think of that excepting going on even longer. Thor is in his mid to late twenties, maybe early thirties (in god years of course). Odin was at least that old if not in his forties and Bor was still in the prime of his life. So, for Odin to follow his own path and not the one Bor laid out for him he decided Bor had to go.

      Also there is Thor himself, stating were it not for the Odinpower he'd be dead. I kinda thought that was a tad... bizaare. Would Classic Thor really need to rely on the Odinpower to survive one hit? Seems a bit stretched to me does that.

    Bor's physical strength was probable higher than Thor's. Generally, older generations of gods are more powerful than younger. Bor appeared to have been channeling his power through his ax and may have even augmented his strength with his mystical powers. So, the strength of the blow could have been alot more powerful than what he looked. Asgardians have always been less reliant on their energy abilities than other such beings.

      All in all though the fight between Bor and Thor was positively epic! I mean Bor seemed to have similar powers to Thor. Only he can shoot lightning out of his eyes like eyebeams! In the end though, Thor prevailed even despite interferance from the Dark Avengers! Sadly though Thor killing Bor means that Thor is now exiled. And of course, Mjolnir broke when Thor smashed it into Bor's chest! So heaven only knows what that is going to do now for his powers. As most of them are used WITH mjolnir.

    Bor was probable less accomplished at using his energy power in combat due to not being a sorcerer like Odin, but clearly he still knew how to wield them. I think so often we are used to seeing mega-fights use energy blasts that we underestimate how powerful a pure physical contest could be. Bor's power combined with all of it focused through his ax would have killed Thor in one blow so it is unlikely most beings whether god or powered by gamma rays could have survived it.

      Oh and the more I sit and think the more I think that Thor has been using the Odinpower a fair bit thru the series. Restoring Asgard brick for brick! Freeing the Asgardians' spirits from the mortals to which they were attached. Im starting to think that the Odinpower is part of Thor's arsenal and is augmenting and adding to his own already impressive powers.

    The trouble is we don't really know what Thor is capable of. JMS seemed at first to want Thor to be restoring Asgard and all that on his own. Since gods are known be less confined to a single power-set it would have made sense. Somehow the Odinpower got almost forced in there so we don't really know when Thor is using it or not. Unless it has been severely watered down it should make Thor too powerful to be used in most stories or at the very least fights.

IMO, I think the Odinpower is very well integrated with THOR, and that THOR can use it for things like restoring Asgard, but also that the power has heighted all his strengths and powers to the point that we can't tell when he is actively using the power or not.

Example: It used to be that THOR had to stamp his hammer on the ground to summon up the weather, yet in THOR #3 after Iron Man told THOR how things were, we see THOR unsheathing his hammer from his back, and holding in his hand as the storm started forming in the sky, and he was simply holding his hammer as the lightning bolts struck near Iron Man. Also I do not recall THOR tapping his hammer to the ground to summon the EMP bolt that shut IM down. So to me it looks like THOR has changed to the point where he can use his storm powers without the hammer.

Also THOR's hammer being broken in battle with BOR is NOT the first time it's been broken.

First time was when THOR first fought the DESTROYER. The Destroyer's power damaged the hammer, and it was later repaired. Note: despite the damage to the hammer, THOR did not revert to Don Blake.

Second time (that I know of) was when THOR used his godblast to breach a Celestial's brain vault. This caused the hammer to explode, however the Celestials restored it. (despite long ago using the same power to repel Galactus from the planet EGO, and after the Celestial encounter THOR used this power to push the Juggernaut back)

Third time: Against BOR.

So while it is a rare event and yes we should all be shocked that the hammer is indeed damaged, it is not the first time. In the other two incidents, repairing the hammer restored the enchantments. Also I think the first time it was broken, THOR reforged it on Earth, but I need a fact check on that so don't hold me to it.

An ODINPOWERED THOR who reconstructed Asgard and restored the Asgardians to life should be capable of something as simple as restoring his hammer. Or else Eitri of the Dwarf blacksmiths could restore it. Or the Molecule Man/Cosmic Cube. Or the Celestials. Or Galactus. Or even Gaea, Thor's mother. I suspect even Sersi of the Eternals, their chief expert at matter rearrangment and reconstruction could restore the hammer, after all she is capable of turning people into animals and even used her power at Steve Rogers' request to turn him into a kid so he could infiltrate a youth camp run by the Red Skull's daughter.

If there is any difficulty at all in rebuilding THOR's hammer, JMS better have a seriously good explanation for it since Molecule Man once disintegrated THOR's hammer and later called all it's molecules back together and it worked without any problem. The Celestials rebuilt the hammer and it functioned as normal. It was reforged after the battle with the Destroyer and it worked without a problem.

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