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      An ODINPOWERED THOR who reconstructed Asgard and restored the Asgardians to life should be capable of something as simple as restoring his hammer. Or else Eitri of the Dwarf blacksmiths could restore it. Or the Molecule Man/Cosmic Cube. Or the Celestials. Or Galactus. Or even Gaea, Thor's mother. I suspect even Sersi of the Eternals, their chief expert at matter rearrangment and reconstruction could restore the hammer, after all she is capable of turning people into animals and even used her power at Steve Rogers' request to turn him into a kid so he could infiltrate a youth camp run by the Red Skull's daughter.

    I have to say that whole Molecule man incident was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. He couldn't take apart Cap. A's shield because he couldn't recognize the Metals. But Thor's Hamemr he could saying it was made of "magic molecules" Good GOD. Mgaic Molecules. I mean WOW just WOW!

    Galactus can not. And Sersi MOST certainly can't. Neither should any Cosmic Cube being as they are Inferior to Odin.

I'm not thrilled that Molecule Man did that to THOR's hammer either, but everything is composed of molecules and he can control them, also his power comes from having part of Cosmic Cube energy in him, thus a Cube should be able to repair the hammer as previous Cubes have displayed reality altering powers in the past.

Galactus is the third force of the universe between Death and Eternity. There is NO reason whatsoever to make think that he cannot repair THOR's hammer, other then a lack of motivation as he would consider THOR beneath him.

Sersi's power to manipulate matter and molecules appears to be on par with Molecule Man's so she SHOULD be able to repair the hammer, however I could accept it as being out of her capability if there was a good explanation.

Also I did a data check and in fact yes, when the Destroyer damaged THOR's hammer, after the Destroyer was defeated we see THOR going to a steel mill to use the equipment there to reforge his hammer. This was in Journey into Mystery #120. I do not have the issue so I do not know what THOR did, but if a steel mill can be used in some fashion to repair his hammer once, then it can be done again especially since this is an ODIN-POWERED THOR. For that matter would an ODIN-POWERED THOR need a steel mill? He was rebuilt the moon, channeled all his power into a hammer strike that decapitated a Desak-empowered Destroyer, rebuilt Asgard and restored the Asgardians to life.

I really do not see THOR's hammer being damaged in battle with BOR to be such an earth shaking moment in THOR history as the hammer has been damaged before, even during the final Ragnarok, only to be repaired with its power fully intact.

Here also is the revised list of the times THOR's hammer has been damaged or destroyed.

1. The Destroyer back in JIM #118, later repaired in a steel mill in JIM #120.

2. Molecule Man disintegrates and restores the hammer in the Avengers

3. Channeling THOR's god blast into the Celestial Exitar to breach his brain vault.

4. Dark God Perrikus slices the hammer in half

5. the hammer is shattered when it collides with the uru weapons of Loki's Storm Giant followers, resulting in an atomic-scale explosion

6. Damaged when delivering the killing blow to BOR.

Also Stormbreaker, the Hammer of BRB was split in half by the Skrulls for their God-Killer, but was easily reassembled when BRB reclaimed it.

So....the hammers are nearly indestructible but can be damaged in extreme cases, but their magical nature is restored upon repairing the hammer. Also despite their magical nature, a steel mill built by mortals is capable of repairing them.

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