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    First Molecule man doing what he did makes no sense period. As I said it would take a power that is either beyond Odin, or sepcifically created by Odin to be greater to do that. Molecule man is neither.

    Also magic is not Molecules it's a form of energy, if anything. It's indescribable.

    galactus is not on par with Eternity, and Death. he was offered the role as a representative of one of the Cosmic Compass, and they often reference him as brother, but that's more to do with his role in the Universal scheme of things. Galactus couldn't even control the Destroyer Armor so there no reason to assume he could do anything to Mjolnir.

    And Sersi is nowhere near as powerful as Molecule man so she's most certainly out. She is dwarfed by him, and Cosmic Cube beings Thus Sky-fathers.

The Destroyer armor is often beyond the control of those who use it except for Odin, Loki and Thor. However Galactus has been jobbed in the past on many an occassion so I simply think his inability to control the Destroyer as a jobbing.

However Galactus has been referred to as the Third Force of the Universe for a long time now. He is the force that balances Death and Eternity and are the only beings he would consider as his equals. He is apart from the Celestials so we cannot say if they are superior to him or not. Only the Living Tribunal and the One Above All aka God are above Galactus in the cosmic scheme of things. The power cosmic that Galactus wields can shatter worlds, empower heralds and more. There is no reason to beleive that a simple molecular rearrangement/manipulation of matter to restore Mjolnir would be beyond Galactus. Even the Silver Surfer has done things such as with one bolt of the PC, he has depowered and cured the Hulk in the past. Surfer with a wave of his hand rebuilt his child hood home on Zenn-la. If the Surfer can do that and since his power comes from Galactus then Surfer and Galactus can easily repair Mjolnir.

The Cosmic Cube has been described by THANOS as an "all powerful Aladdin's lamp" and has performed many a reality warping feat including merging THANOS with the universe. Molecule Man's power stems from the Cube (barring any recent retcons), also Molecule Man's explanation of "magic molecules" more likely stems from the fact that Molecule Man is no Reed Richards and was simplistically describing what was beyond his comprehension.

Thus, Molecule Man or a Cube could restore Thor's Hammer.
Galactus can restore the hammer.
Celestials can restore the hammer.
Odin can restore the hammer.
A earth built steel mill enabled THOR back in the J.I.M. days to restore his hammer. Yes this was back in the Lee/Kirby era when long convoluted plots or even physics weren't taken too much into things and yes THOR and his hammer are magic and per Joe Q's quote about what Mephisto did in Spiderman "It's magic. We don't have to explain it."

Repairing his hammer should not be any monumental quest or task at all. THOR should easily be able to do it since he wields the Odin-Power. If for some hack reason he cannot, then the Dwarves could reforge it or else he can go to a steel mill on Earth and do it again. The enchantments of the hammer transcend its physical destruction thus they are always restored when the hammer is restored.

With respect to JMS and his writing, I consider this latest hammer-breaking to be little more then shock effect and that it should be restored with ease with its power intact. Based on past such incidents, the precedent is rather firmly established.

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