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Subj: Re: Thor 600 Thoughts.
Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 at 10:09:17 am EST (Viewed 115 times)
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    IMO, I think the Odinpower is very well integrated with THOR, and that THOR can use it for things like restoring Asgard, but also that the power has heighted all his strengths and powers to the point that we can't tell when he is actively using the power or not.

I actually agree with this, when Thor restored Asgard right down to the last detail, I just figured, the old Thor couldn't have done that. Then he put an enchantment on Asgard so it floats 8 feet off the ground. Again, could classic Thor have done that? I generally agree that its just entrenched.

Not only that he freed the Asgardian souls from the void, after freeing himself. I just think Thor is more and more doing things that were before the privue of Odin. But he is using the Odinpower in such a way that it connects with his own powers. How can Lightning restore a city? It can't, Thor willed Asgard back into existence brick for brick. In other words, Thor is channeling Odinpower, Thru his own to do things. IMO the power is now HIS. Especially since Odin elected to stay and keep Surtur occupied in Thor 8.

    Example: It used to be that THOR had to stamp his hammer on the ground to summon up the weather, yet in THOR #3 after Iron Man told THOR how things were, we see THOR unsheathing his hammer from his back, and holding in his hand as the storm started forming in the sky, and he was simply holding his hammer as the lightning bolts struck near Iron Man. Also I do not recall THOR tapping his hammer to the ground to summon the EMP bolt that shut IM down. So to me it looks like THOR has changed to the point where he can use his storm powers without the hammer.

IMO Thor uses Mjolnir as a focus, like a channel to exercise his power. Much like Dr Strange uses his hands to channel his powers. Same thing with Mjolnir. However it could be as yuo point out mate, that Thor is just getting more and more adept at utilising power without a focal point.

Also, he appears to have some inherent Earth moving powers from Gaea his mother, which he never used before till he went to Africa to free the Warriors 3.

    Also THOR's hammer being broken in battle with BOR is NOT the first time it's been broken.

    First time was when THOR first fought the DESTROYER. The Destroyer's power damaged the hammer, and it was later repaired. Note: despite the damage to the hammer, THOR did not revert to Don Blake.

    Second time (that I know of) was when THOR used his godblast to breach a Celestial's brain vault. This caused the hammer to explode, however the Celestials restored it. (despite long ago using the same power to repel Galactus from the planet EGO, and after the Celestial encounter THOR used this power to push the Juggernaut back)

    Third time: Against BOR.

    So while it is a rare event and yes we should all be shocked that the hammer is indeed damaged, it is not the first time. In the other two incidents, repairing the hammer restored the enchantments. Also I think the first time it was broken, THOR reforged it on Earth, but I need a fact check on that so don't hold me to it.

Thanks for that info! \:\-\)

    An ODINPOWERED THOR who reconstructed Asgard and restored the Asgardians to life should be capable of something as simple as restoring his hammer. Or else Eitri of the Dwarf blacksmiths could restore it. Or the Molecule Man/Cosmic Cube. Or the Celestials. Or Galactus. Or even Gaea, Thor's mother. I suspect even Sersi of the Eternals, their chief expert at matter rearrangment and reconstruction could restore the hammer, after all she is capable of turning people into animals and even used her power at Steve Rogers' request to turn him into a kid so he could infiltrate a youth camp run by the Red Skull's daughter.

I would imagine so, Thor will hopefully be shown to repair Mjolnir in Thor 601.

    If there is any difficulty at all in rebuilding THOR's hammer, JMS better have a seriously good explanation for it since Molecule Man once disintegrated THOR's hammer and later called all it's molecules back together and it worked without any problem. The Celestials rebuilt the hammer and it functioned as normal. It was reforged after the battle with the Destroyer and it worked without a problem.

I should imagine IMU007... that Thor himself will just fix it using his own powers.

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