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    Also THOR's hammer being broken in battle with BOR is NOT the first time it's been broken.

    First time was when THOR first fought the DESTROYER. The Destroyer's power damaged the hammer, and it was later repaired. Note: despite the damage to the hammer, THOR did not revert to Don Blake.

    Second time (that I know of) was when THOR used his godblast to breach a Celestial's brain vault. This caused the hammer to explode, however the Celestials restored it. (despite long ago using the same power to repel Galactus from the planet EGO, and after the Celestial encounter THOR used this power to push the Juggernaut back)

    Third time: Against BOR.

    So while it is a rare event and yes we should all be shocked that the hammer is indeed damaged, it is not the first time. In the other two incidents, repairing the hammer restored the enchantments. Also I think the first time it was broken, THOR reforged it on Earth, but I need a fact check on that so don't hold me to it.

In a later post, I added more instances when the hammer was damaged/broken/destroyed. There is about a total of 6 times. Plus one for Stormbreaker as shown in Secret Invasion. However in every case, the instant the hammer is restored its power is restored also.

Also the first time it was damaged was indeed by the Destroyer back in J.I.M. 118, in ish 120 THOR went to a steel mill on Earth and repaired his hammer. So if he can use a steel mill on Earth then surely his inherited Odin-Power can easily fix the hammer.

    If there is any difficulty at all in rebuilding THOR's hammer, JMS better have a seriously good explanation for it since Molecule Man once disintegrated THOR's hammer and later called all it's molecules back together and it worked without any problem. The Celestials rebuilt the hammer and it functioned as normal. It was reforged after the battle with the Destroyer and it worked without a problem.

I should imagine IMU007... that Thor himself will just fix it using his own powers.

Destroyer damages the hammer: Repaired in a steel mill on Earth

Hammer destroyed breaching Celestial brain vault: Celestials restore it.

Hammer damaged/destroyed in the final Ragnarok, THOR has Surtur reforge the hammer

Molecule Man disintegrates the hammer along with Surfer's board, Cap's shield and IM's armor then later brings the original molecules back together. Hammer is restored, though this time THOR did revert to Don Blake. In the case of the Destroyer incident THOR did not revert. The final Ragnarok and Celestial incidents don't matter since he didn't have a mortal identity at the time.

Desak damages the hammer. Don't remember how it was fixed.

Still if a steel mill on Midgard can be used to reforge the hammer, THOR himself now using the Odin power should be able to fix it with a wave of his hand.

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