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Subj: Re: Would anybody else like an ongoing Thor book that has an "Ages of Thunder" feel to it...
Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 at 07:11:51 pm EST (Viewed 102 times)
Reply Subj: Would anybody else like an ongoing Thor book that has an "Ages of Thunder" feel to it...
Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 at 04:37:38 pm EST (Viewed 142 times)

    in most of Thor tales, even in the Tales of Asgard Thor has nearly always been portrayed as the embodiment of nobility who gets a little head strong at times. Yet, in the Ages of Thunder trilogy we get a Thor who is in a way a bit more primal or a least less hesitate to unleash his divine wrath upon you. Would anybody else like to see more aventures relating to this version of Thor? Or at the very least a one-shot that has him somehow crossing over with some of Thor's current foes and maybe being less civil toward them? Maybe an Ages of Thunder Thor vs. Hulk for instance or RHulk?


I don't really care about the interaction with the rest of the Marvel Universe but I did enjoy the flavor of both the Ages of Thunder One Shots and the original Tales of Asgard.

What you said in the post below about Thor being occasionally caught off guard when transitioning between Asgard and Marvel's Midgard was very accurate. Asgard, Niffelheim and the lands of the Muspel, Jotun,Alf, etc. are so rich and fulll of challenges that would all be powerhouses on earth why worry about Hulk & co?

I also like the headstrong younger Thor who isn't afraid to pass judgement on what is going on around him as a counter point to the current wiser older model. Frankly, I didn't think Thor was all that wrong in the Reigning or Ages of Thunder. In the former - those despots were killing a lot more people than Doom ever did and in the latter, Odin and the rest of the Aesir were behaving like jerks.

I'm working on a series of non-marvel stories about the Nine Worlds. So that tells you where my heart is as far as the milieu I like to see him in. When I heard the movie was primarily in Asgard I was a very happy camper. If Thor left Earth alone for two or three years I wouldn't mind.