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Subj: I never agreed with the demi-god title. I mean he is the essence of the last universe
Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 at 06:54:53 pm CST (Viewed 245 times)
Reply Subj: Re: The good, the bad, and those who worship Galactus...
Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 at 04:54:36 pm CST (Viewed 206 times)

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    This series has the potential like many to be good. It also has great potential to be really bad. Namely if Galactus for no good reason is shown to be a compete wimp.

    I am not familiar with the writer. His wikipedia entry states he has limited experience writing comics, but was highly praised by Warren Ellis. On the other hand writers that are good on other titles flub on cosmic titles or even those that are credited with being good on cosmic titles are set to write one that doesn't match their writing style so they twist it to suit them and it goes wrong as in the case of "Death of the New Gods" by Jim Starlin or some of Galactus' appearences. Anyone hear remember how Stardust was shattered by a single lighting bolt or Galactus stalemated by Quasar?

    Still, until I at least see a preview I will reserve judgment on it. If he has at least read the Stormbreaker mini-series I think that should give him a general idea of the differences between the two.

    As to the question of Galactus being worshiped or a god that is a difficult question. He is not a god along the same lines as many others like Thor or or mystical entities like the Vishanit. On the other hand he meets many of the qualifications of one such as being a fundamental force of the universe, having great power, and that power being a fundamental force.

    As to whether he was ever worshiped: In the Hercules mini from the eighties he was mistaken by a group of aliens as a terrible god who planets had to be sacrificed to to keep him from destroying the galaxy.
    Beta Ray's people including Bill first mistook Galactus for one of the gods from their myths. Stardust' adoration borders on worship. Galactus is not the type being most would worship out of love, but out of fear in a hopes to appease it.

    So, while I would not say Galactus is a god per se since he does not tap into a mystical energy source, for all other intents and purposes he is close enough to one that I wouldn't quibble over titles like that.

I believe that is why Galactus is referred to as a demi-god. And yes BRB's people mistook G as a god from their myths however upon recognizing that he wasn't they tried to destroy him.

Which brings another interesting perspective. Just as G took the form of their fearful myth, other races could perceive G as their myth or god and worship him for someone else.

So although G could be worshiped, he could be worshiped for something that he isn't and on top of that G (I doubt G cares about their beliefs) would consume these worshipers--making them non-existent.

you can't get anymore godly/beyond than that.

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