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Subj: Re: Can someone help me out here?
Posted: Sun Mar 01, 2009 at 10:52:28 pm EST (Viewed 192 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Can someone help me out here?
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      I guess it depends if you and your world are the unfortunate ones to be "sacrificed" for the greater good of the universe.

      I remember (don't know if it still applies) reading that Galactus will one day meet a world that will have the power to destroy him. On that day G will know final peace.

    Something like that has been implied at times. Other times it has been implied that if Galactus dies the universe either dies with him or currently at least it would be very bad in the long run for the universe.

      G has implied that eventually the Surfer will have enough of this and turn on him. So I'm neutral in what it all accomplishes, especially if billions of lives must be scarified to maintain the universal balance.

    Unfortunatly, at this point it a numbers game. If everyone dies if he doesn't feed, but if billions die if he has to feed occasionally then only a few (by comparision of the entire universe) have to die.

    If we accept that then we get this question: Is it better for Galactus to have a herald who will not care if lives are lost or even go out of his way to kill as many as possible like Morg or Stardust or is it better for him to have a herald who would minimize the damage as much as possible? The unfortunate bit in this case being the lesser of two evils.

      Yes I know G is supposedly beyond good and evil but even he has cried out in remorse for what he has done. He has also shown affection with the Surfer, Gabriel, and Nova. G knows he is but a pawn in the grand scheme of things. A slave to the universal order. A being that longs for his mission to end. He has accepted his fate and his role but doesn't embellish it.

    Galactus's problem is he is more mortal than the other cosmic beings, but not mortal enough for the lesser beings. He is stuck in the middle. Some like Eternity, Death, Chaos, etc. are truly beyond mortal comprehension. We are capable of holding conversations with them, but no matter how writers try to rationalize it those beings are truly beyond us. Certain mystical beings are close. Afterall, I don't think even Reed Richars is smart enough to be able to watch the entir multiverse at once like Agamotto. Galactus has been called a force of nature that merely does what is in its nature and to that degree they are right.

    Of course there are "lower" cosmic beings. Guys who are not as trancendental as the more ethereal types, but still far beyond human. Beings like the Elders of the Universe, Watchers, and Galactus. Of those Galactus is the only one officially confirmed with a higher purpose. The others have just amassed so much power and have lived so long that everyone else can be righty compared to be as ants to them. How many people actually bother to be careful not to step on ants? One could argue that ants are not intelligent, but from the perspective of the Elders (and this argument has been used by certain alien races) neither or we or at least not sufficently intelligent. A dog may be more intelligent than say a rat, but we still don't treat dogs equally or usually hesitate to put one down if it is dangerous. Dolphins are among the most intelligent creatures on Earth, but they still don't get equal rights with humans.

    I think you are right that Galactus has accepted his destiny in things and knows he can't escape it so he does the best he can. One thing that can be said for Galactus is he does only what he needs to survive. He doesn't go around conquering worlds or demanding worship. He simple is. Afterall, alot of humans are meat eaters and while some consider it wrong for several reasons it is not universally condemned. for some animals it is necessary for survival and they are not condemned.

      The Surfer practically went through hell itself and almost lost his sanity because of the guilt associated with serving Galactus. He rededicated his entire existence in the hope that one day perhaps his inner soul could be cleansed from the knowledge of knowing he contributed to the death of billions. Personally I feel the Surfer has suffered more emotional and psychological pain than any being in the Marvel universe. Great inner turmoil despite the knowledge that he knew he was not in full control of his actions.


Good points Seeker. But we both know the Surfer must be in agony doing what is totally against his nature even if it serves the greater good or purpose.

The Surfer has always abhorred the killing of any lifeform despite the rationale you provided.

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