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Subj: I wish there was an issue about this, few of us understand it.
Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 at 08:20:58 am EST (Viewed 207 times)
Reply Subj: Question concerning Thor's Return to life
Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2009 at 07:12:14 pm EST (Viewed 34 times)

    Can someone explain o me exactly how thor retunred to the world of the living? Did he use the Odinpower to just Will himself back? If so does that mean he cannot really die?

    Also, has it ever been explained whatever happed to that sentient odinpower boy?


Well the way I understand it, as mentioned below Thor was the last survivor of Ragnarok. In MORTAL terms he died, where in reality he just put himself on hold in the void of non-existance until he found a use for himself.
Also Don mentioned that people had been thinking about Thor, and as long as we keep thinking about Thor and the Asgardians, they would remain "anchored" into this reality.
So until people really needed or wanted Thor to return, (the creation "CLOR" probably helped with that call) Thor awoke and left the Void of non-existance.

The Odin-power boy was just the physical embodiment of the Odin-force.
As ODIN's Asgard disapeared into the vortex of Raganrok so did the Odinforce leaving Thor with the Thor-force.
Remember Thor reinvented himself by going through the Trials Odin had to gain the Odin-power.

Think of the Odin/Thor-force as "Rune-Power" a Magical Norse version of the Power Cosmic. It becomes a part of the Asgardian KING and his lifeforce.
Each god worthy of the trials Odin and Thor had gone through would be able to control it, or thier own version of the "Rune-Power".

As Odin Created the now old Asgard and the nine worlds, HIS life force ran through it all, with the Raganrok, all that was erased leaving Thor with a clean slate to recreate HIS Asgard.