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Subj: Re: Finally read Thor #600
Posted: Tue Mar 03, 2009 at 05:08:27 pm EST (Viewed 7 times)
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      With Thor's banishment from Asgard I do admit I hope he ends up on the Mighty Avengers roster (as I'm sure Hulk won't be on that book very long).

    I haven't even read this issue yet. I am stuck in Napoli Italy so comics are hard to comeby here. I have to depend on you guys to read up the spoilers to know what's happening. I probably won't be able to read any Thor issues when I get back to the states this Christmas. Anyway concerning Thor joining the Avengers, I was actually hoping he joins the New Avengers it would make sense since they lack a true power house. The team matches up better with the Dark Avengers and Thor is the missing piece to NA's roster. Here's how the match should be broken down.

    Cap vs Iron Patriot
    Wolverine vs Daken
    Spiderman vs Venom
    Ms Marvel vs Moonstone
    Ronin vs Hawkeye
    Spiderwoman vs MarvelBoy
    Cage vs Ares
    and finally
    Thor vs Sentry

If we are really lucky THOR will end up throwing SENTRY into the sun....