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Now that is an interesting thought.

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Subj: Re: I wish there was an issue about this, few of us understand it.
Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 at 05:22:05 pm EST (Viewed 2 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I wish there was an issue about this, few of us understand it.
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        Also Don mentioned that people had been thinking about Thor, and as long as we keep thinking about Thor and the Asgardians, they would remain "anchored" into this reality.
        So until people really needed or wanted Thor to return, (the creation "CLOR" probably helped with that call) Thor awoke and left the Void of non-existance.

      See, that's the thing I have an issue with. So far, it hasn't been touched upon at all in the comics. You'd think that would be an important plot point later on down the line, especially with the way JMS began it.

      It just reeks of this whole notion along the lines of 'If you say you don't believe in faeries, they die'. I know it's not exactly like it, but that's how it sounds to me.

      Though maybe, especially with the way you put it Vartha, maybe it's not divine worship or anything that matters. Maybe it's just being ensconced in the public's eyes due to his tenure in the Avengers and people remember him as a hero. That heroism sticks with people and, given the current climate of the MU, maybe some ordinary citizens want a hero like him to come back.

      There's a million different ways to interpret it, and sadly, I fear we won't ever get the definitive answer.

    Well It would being intersting if what Blake suggests about us simply having to believe or think of the Asgardians for them to exist, is found out by someone like Doom and having him cast some spell like Odin did with Don.