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Subj: Re: Hercules: The end, Thor: The End, and the truth about Raganork
Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 at 08:07:46 pm EST (Viewed 146 times)
Reply Subj: Hercules: The end, Thor: The End, and the truth about Raganork
Posted: Wed Mar 04, 2009 at 07:05:42 pm EST (Viewed 411 times)

    These are just some thoughts I've had running around my head the last few days so please just bear with me. I do have a point.

    For anybody that doesn't know, "The End" are a series of mini-series that explore possible "ends" for marvel characters set in the future. Hulk: The End ended with the Hulk the last living thing on Earth besides mutant cockroaches. FF: The End ended on a happier note. Others with mixed endings.

    So, if one were to be done on Hercules or Thor what should it be like? Personally, I think the best possibles for each have already been done. The second mini of Hercules from the eighties ended with Zeus evolving the gods to another plane of existence and leaving Hercules to found his own dynasty among the stars. I think that would have been about the best for him.

    Concerning Thor it is a bit more difficult. I think Oeming's "Raganrok story was about the best ending one could hope for, but then I got to thinking. Thor thinks he finally broke the cycle of Raganork, but if you think about it as things currently stand he hasn't. A Thor: The End could be about him breaking it once and for all.

    Think of a set up like this. Asgard thousands of years in the future. Humanity has long left Earth for the stars or been destroyed. Kind of irrelevant. The gods of Asgard might be worshiped or might not. Again kind of irrelevant. The Earth itself is almost completely devoid of life. A throne is shown and on that throne is a figure that looks like Odin, but is in truth Thor who is now and old man with both eyes, but in the spitting image of his father. Thor has ruled for many centuries and Asgard has been experiencing a golden age of peace. Thor’s rule has actually surpassed Odin because Thor brings an even-temperament and humility to the throne that Odin was lacking and at times compromised his judgment (seriously, how many times did Odin get mad when things didn’t go his way?). Thor’s wisdom and power are truly hailed throughout the known universe and dimensions. Asgard is more than ever seen as a bastion against evil. Loki himself was defeated in battle long ago and put in a Loki-proof prison.

    The cast would be something like this:

    Main cast:

    Thor: the wise king and looks almost identical to Odin. The whole son becomes the father bit. Physical strength has waned somewhat, but still very strong and makes up for it in mystical power and wisdom.

    Sif-Thor’s queen. She would have aged gracefully.

    Modi, Magni, Thrud-children of Thor who have all carved out their own legends.

    Loki-spend the majority of Thor’s reign trapped in a prison of some kind. No longer wanting to rule Asgard, Loki’s long isolation with nothing but his have left him completely insane and even more evil then before (if possible) and now desires only the destruction of Asgard down to its very memory.

    Minor(don’t have to show up or could be dead, but I imagine if they were around it would be something like this. All would have aged and be the older generation, but are still capable of fighting.)

    Volstagg-a grandfather or great-grandfather. Long since retired from being a warrior, but still capable of fighting if need be and still large.

    Fandral-actually settled down and got married. Now a grandfather as well.

    Hogun-may not be married, but not quite as grim as he once was.

    Heimdall-retired from being the Watchman. Married to Amora. Has several children who take turns at his former post.

    Amora-married to Heimdall. Of all of them she has aged the best and changed (physically) the least

    Balder-married to Karnilla and rules alongside her.

    Karnilla-married to Balder and he convinced her to give up trying to conquer Asgard.

    Brunhilda-retired. Her daughter now leads the Valkyries

    Hercules-probable an older look by now. He doesn’t age, but I imagine he would have settled down now some by now

    Hel, Fenris, Jormangund, Surtur and various other monsters.

    The way I see it going is something like this. Thor is sitting on his throne pondering what those with infinite wisdom ponder. (Meaning who has a clue?) When he notices a change in the air and realizes a time is coming that he long knew was coming. The end of Thor’s reign. Thor realized something many god forget. That is that all things must come to an end. The older generation must step aside for the new. Thor remembers the conflicts between Bor and Odin and Odin and Bor and knows that sooner or later he too will have to step aside. He also muses on old times with the Avengers that brought about the

    It is at this time (as could be expected) that Loki breaks free of his prison. How it held him so long and how he finally gets free are kind of irrelevant. These are gods and among gods things just kind of happen. Maybe it is just Loki’s time. Loki, now completely consumed by his hatred of Thor and Asgard sets about to destroy it, but still possesses his cunning mind. Thor has first has no idea Loki is free since he thought the matter long deal with and the next few issues deal with Loki setting in motion evens to destroy Asgard once and for all by creating unrest, gathering his army of monsters, acquiring the power to kill Thor, etc. Thor senses something is wrong and that some great evil is afoot, but because it is operating in deepest darkness he can’t quite place it.

    Thor eventually learns of Loki’s doings, but by then it is too late. Thor realizes this is his end and sees the workings of destiny so he gathers together Asgard’s army for one last battle. This army it not all of Asgard, but its oldest members. Thor decides this is the way it has to be because the younger generation should not have to pay for the mistakes of the older. It is then while donning his battle armor Thor realizes the truth about Raganork.


    The truth is Ragnarok is not a battle. It is not a single event or time. It is not a cycle of battles imposed by higher beings. It is not the workings of destiny. Ragnarok is the final destiny or end of the gods. An end that the gods themselves brought about long ago. Raganork is a slow poison that infected the gods long ago ruining their golden age. It is an evil the gods allowed to fester and grow among them. It came to them along ago in the form of a child. The truth is Ragnarok is Loki.

    After all, what has been Loki’s goal since he was a child, but the death of the gods. A hatred installed in him as a child by his father. A hatred nursed by his resentment at being forever an outsider in Asgard’s golden halls and overshadowed by his foster brother. A hatred that drove him to plague Thor earning the name god of mischief till that hatred transformed him into the god of evil. A hatred that causes him to lash out at the one person who had actually without a doubt given a damn about him in his entire life: Thor.

    It is at this realization that Thor also accepts the sad truth of it all. Odin and Thor are i ultimately responsible for Raganrok. Odin was the one who allowed Loki into Asgard and imbued him with the powers of a god despite knowing what Loki truly was. Odin was the one who continually spared Loki and made excuses for him. Thor is just as guilty. How many times had Loki murdered people or caused harm and Thor turned a blind eye, content to merely stop him and try and undo the damage, but not taking a long-term solution. How many prisons had Loki escaped over the centuries? How many times had Loki thrown it in Thor’s face that Thor refused to do what was needed?

    With this the final battle begins and the gods die. Vidar stabs the Fenris Wolf in the heart, but with its dying breath devours him. Sif and Hel kill each other. Tyr dies in battle with Garm. The Warriors Three, Brunhilda, and the others fall each in glorious battle. Surtur heads toward the heart of the World Tree to set it a flame. A flame that would burn the universe itself. Thor himself kills many monsters, but toward the end of the battle engages the Midgard Serpent in battle and successfully kills it, but is poisoned in turn. A poison even his magical abilities cannot heal. Loki appears over him and starts to gloat about how Surtur is about to destroy everything so that not even the memory of Asgard remains. Thor mentions Loki will die too, but Loki at this point doesn’t care. Everyone else will die along with him.

    Thor, so weak at his point that he can barely lift Mjolnir whispers to Loki a secret. Eighteen charms Odin learned. Seventeen he gave to mankind. The last was a secret he kept to himself until one night he told Thor in a dream. Or Thor learned it when he passed through his trials. It was a secret Thor did not understand until recently. The secret to ending Raganrok by vanquishing Surtur and Loki once and for all by sending them both to a death even they can’t escape from.

    It is then that Thor whispers the charm, binding Loki and Surtur’s entirety of the essences to their current forms in that time and place and preventing any form of resurrection. Thor then calls for Gungnir, the spear that never misses to at last strike at the target it was always meant for. Imbued with the spirit of Odin it strikes down Surtur once and for all ending their ancient feud. Thor, in one last hurrah of strength, lifts Mjolnir and brings it down on Loki’s head killing him once and for all. It is then the nine worlds burn.
    The death of Sutur causes his inner fire to rush over Midgard and the remaining worlds. Not as destructive as what would have happened since that would have been universal level, but still wiping the slate clean. As destruction is often needed for creation so does this cause life to once again spring up on Earth. The children of the previous generations of gods (Magni, Heimdall’s children, etc) wake up from the hiding place Thor had placed them. Magni and Modi find Thor’s hammer, battle-worn, but still usable, and vow to rebuild Asgard and use the hammers power to protect the new world their father and mother gave their life to build. A world without the threat of Loki.

    I admit a lot of that sounded better in my head.


I rather enjoyed that. Good read.

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