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Subj: Re: During Thor's battle with Bor ..... (Not really a VS thread)
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      .... How was Bor able to stop and hold on to Thor's hammer? Was it because his power was greater or equal to Odin's? From what Odin said about Bor in #7 about how Bor in his rage, went down to earth and cause the mortal race, every suffering, every pain and every curse within his power to bring just to show Odin who was boss, Bor clearly isn't worthy to lift up the hammer , being as cruel and vengeful as he is so the only explaination has to be anyone who can equal or exceed the Odinpower, can lift up Mjolnir. I remember Zeus in the past also been able to stop and hold on to Mjolnir.

      Thoughts anyone?

    All Skyfathers seem to have the ability to handle Mjolnir. Zeus was able to catch it when it was thrown at him, but wasn't able to keep it from returning for very long. Tiwaz was practically juggling the hammer. Odin could always catch it and nullify the enchantments, and Odin's power came from Bor. It only makes sense that Bor can do the same. Would we expect any less from the Grandfather of the very lineage the enchantments come from?

    It's a great picture of Bor holding Mjolnir.

When or where was it ever stated that Odin received any power from Bor? It seem sto me both had their own power within them.