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Subj: Why does every one want Preston rogers????......
Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 at 04:41:17 pm EDT (Viewed 141 times)
Reply Subj: Used to want Skarsgard, but James Preston Rogers is worthy of the hammer
Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 at 02:04:52 pm EDT (Viewed 203 times)

After seeing that little parody of his audition I just could not see him as Thor! he has the body but even HHH has a better face! and I dont know if he was trying to, but he could'nt even act in that skit. Yeah he's 6'6" so what! he does not have the face for Thor! You know what there is probly a black/brown haired guy ot there that is getting over looked! and that sucks. If you guys can convince me of rogers's acting skill i'd apreciate it. as of right now Skarsgard is the best bet! he sounds like a good Thor! better than the voice in Hulk vs and he has the size and acting ability! and he is unknown and known enough to be a good pick. But like I said there is probly an actor with dark hair that is being over looked because he does'nt look like Thor at the moment but could.

    Howdy Concordant! \:\-\)

    > Pretty much a fluff piece, you can find it here:

    > The one interesting tidbit...

    > "Just looking around, Alexander (True Blood, Generation Kill) Skarsgård seems to have vaulted into the lead position after he was reportedly seen having lunch with Branagh, but that doesn’t rule out other options."

    Wouldn't kill me if we get Skars in the role but I definately think James Preston Rogers is the man worthy of the hammer.

    By the way are you Unibrow on the other forum?