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Subj: Re: You've got to be kidding me here right?
Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 at 01:27:22 pm EDT (Viewed 200 times)
Reply Subj: Re: You've got to be kidding me here right?
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      Who's being touchy here now?


      You will address me in a respectful manner and will not use profanity in your posts when addressing me. If you cannot respond in a civil and polite tone, DO NOT reply. I will overlook your insolence this time only. Is that clear to you?

    There was nothing wrong with my post. At all. If you had a problem with it, sort it out yourself. Don't bark at me and expect anything but contempt in return.

      As I stated before, there is no evidence that G can overpower Odin's enchantments but there is evidence G has had a hard time dealing with magical/mystical energy. A couple of quick examples come to mind:

    All of these examples are invalid. Each time Galactus was faced with mystical power which challenged or dwarfed his own. Mjolnir operates on a scale comparable to his HERALDS. Get back to me when Galactus fails to overcome mystical power on THAT scale.

      What you happen to leave out is the FACT that Odin also depowered Thor and other Asgardians to aid him in winning that battle (in scan).

    Forsung told Odin to depower the Asgardians so that they would not interfere with their battle, not so that Odin would be more powerful in their contest. Forsung said he wanted a FAIR contest, without outside interference.

    It's a moot point anyway, since it was Magnir and Enrakt who held Mjolnir, not Forsung. Neither of these guys were packing Odin-level power.

      Please cite the Loki reference

    THOR #153.

The only "barking" done was by you.

I didn't use profanity in my post in an attempt to get my point across. Profanity and blasphemy displays a lack of character others on here will judge you by whether you care or not.

If you want respectful and a meaningful conversation, I suggest you reanalyze your social skills. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, right or would do well to remember that.

Unable to track Magnus and kidnap a mortal to do it suggests G has problems dealing with magic in general.

Thor and Balder could not interfere in their battle as they were on earth, engaged in their own battle, but they were depowered as well.

I never said they were packing Odin level power. I said Forsung wasn't as easy a victory as you claim. The battle itself, dead planets destroyed, suns reignited show this.

I looked into Thor #153. Karnilla says a "portion" of her power, hardly a fraction as YOU STATED (in scan). Regardless, the same scenario applies as with your Dormammu example, Loki's power was augmented with someone else's power. Neither of them has the power to overcome the enchantments alone.

There is NO EVIDENCE (that even suggests IMHO) G has the power to override the enchantments either. Your assertion is nothing more than speculation on your part.