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Subj: Simple...Rogers is 'Thor' already whereas Skarsgard needs a ton o' work
Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 at 06:41:58 pm EDT (Viewed 100 times)
Reply Subj: Why does every one want Preston rogers????......
Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 at 04:41:17 pm EDT (Viewed 143 times)

Howdy AMT! \:\-\)

> After seeing that little parody of his audition I just could not see him as Thor!

I disagree. He's the total package and easily the best of the bunch to date.

> he has the body but even HHH has a better face!

Get your eyes tested.

> and I dont know if he was trying to, but he could'nt even act in that skit.

I think all concerned were having a laugh.

> Yeah he's 6'6" so what! he does not have the face for Thor!

I disagree, he has a manly charm...Mek back me up on this I'm losing my mojo talking about the handsomeness of men.

> You know what there is probly a black/brown haired guy ot there that is getting over looked! and that sucks.

No, thats a good thing...just like all the blond haired guys getting overlooked for Batman and Superman parts.

> If you guys can convince me of rogers's acting skill i'd apreciate it.

Thats the $130 million dollar question isn't it. I'm not saying jump in sights unseen - screen test him for goodness sake. If he doesn't measure up then tough luck.

> as of right now Skarsgard is the best bet!

If Rogers even has half the acting chops of Skarsgard then hes still the better bet.

> he sounds like a good Thor! better than the voice in Hulk vs and he has the size and acting ability! and he is unknown and known enough to be a good pick.

A good second choice. I wouldn't cry if Skarsgard was ultimately chosen. But Rogers has the look and the build.

> But like I said there is probly an actor with dark hair that is being over looked because he does'nt look like Thor at the moment but could.

If they don't cast a blond haired (or at the very least 'dirty fair') actor I swear on the sacred blood of Odin I won't go see this in the movies. It's hair-racism...thats what it is I tells ya and I won't be a party to such barber-ism!