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Subj: Re: You've got to be kidding me here right?
Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 at 08:32:39 pm EDT (Viewed 148 times)
Reply Subj: Re: You've got to be kidding me here right?
Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 at 03:26:21 pm EDT (Viewed 156 times)


      The only "barking" done was by you.

    No, I blasphemed. You barked at me and wagged your finger in disapproval.

      Profanity and blasphemy displays a lack of character others on here will judge you by whether you care or not.

    Blasphemy on the Internets? OH NO!

      Unable to track Magnus and kidnap a mortal to do it suggests G has problems dealing with magic in general.

    The Magus was using 5 Cosmic Cubes to conceal his presence. Next.

      Thor and Balder could not interfere in their battle as they were on earth, engaged in their own battle, but they were depowered as well.

    Since Thor and Sif (and occasionally Balder) have the means to teleport, Forsung was wise in asking for a blanket depowerment to ensure fair play. Obviously Forsung wasn't trying to handicap himself, right?

      I never said they were packing Odin level power. I said Forsung wasn't as easy a victory as you claim. The battle itself, dead planets destroyed, suns reignited show this.

    Yet Odin was unscathed, unweakened, and Forsung was a smoldering corpse. It was a one-sided outcome. Odin then banished the two remaining Enchanters with a single spell.

      I looked into Thor #153. Karnilla says a "portion" of her power, hardly a fraction as YOU STATED (in scan).

    Are you retarded? Portion and fraction are interchangeable words.

      Loki's power was augmented with someone else's power.

    Loki's power was far less than double it's normal levels, since Karnilla's FULL power only rivals Loki's. He was likely operating at less-than-Enchanter levels.

      There is NO EVIDENCE (that even suggests IMHO) G has the power to override the enchantments either.

    Aside from Galactus possessing dozens of times the power required to do so. You're right. None at all.

I wagged my finger? I must have really gotten inside your head for you to see me do that to you. Am I wagging it now or just pointing it at you? ;\)

Using blashemy displays lack of character and posters see you in a negative light. Nevermind the ultimate ramification of taking God's name in vain where you could end up.

Yet a mortal was needed to track Magnus and G couldn't perform the feat?

I guess your implying Forsung had little faith in his brothers then since he handicapped them?

Sigh....fraction and portion could very well have different interpretations in the context of the wording. Fraction could very well mean a smaller piece than a portion. Nevertheless it still doesn't change the fact that Loki couldn't accomplish the feat alone.

It doesn't matter what Loki's power level was at the time. Even at full power Loki doesn't have the power to override the enchantments placed on the hammer. Do you get that part yet? Or are you still sticking to your poor Dormammu example as well?

And since Galactus and Odin are rivals in power you are still assumming he could accomplish the feat. You have no FACTS to base your theory on other than pure speculation.

My friend, please stop asserting your opinions as facts when you have NO EVIDENCE to support them! If you do and I see that it is your opinion asserted as fact I will submit scans showing they are only your flawed OPINION!

Then you'll really have a reason to curse your maker on here. ;\)