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Subj: Re: You've got to be kidding me here right?
Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 at 03:47:58 pm EDT (Viewed 112 times)
Reply Subj: Re: You've got to be kidding me here right?
Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 at 03:12:31 pm EDT (Viewed 137 times)

    About time you made it back.

Unlike you, I don't live on the board. A day passing between responses must seem like an eternity for someone who constantly hits the refresh button.

    Indeed using blasphemy shows a lack of faith but to some it spills over to character and integrity.

And some people get turned on by human waste. There are all sorts of freaks out there.

    I saved it specifically for you my friend.

Saved what? Your Christian Voodoo?

    But it does have a bearing on his struggle in dealing with magic/mystical energy doesn't it? You ignore that fact.

No, you ignore the fact that five Cosmic Cubes were involved.

    We aren't talking about Mjolnir, we are talking about Odin's enchantments.

No, we ARE talking about Mjolnir. Odin's enchantments are a related topic.

    Then why did you go into your immature name-calling route of calling me retarded if you just admitted it here?

Admitted WHAT? What the hell are you talking about? Schooling you on the English language is not an admission of anything, other than that you are borderline illiterate.

    So Loki despite your claim of being augmented with a "portion"

It's not my claim. It's a fact.

    Karnilla's power (which we don't know how much).

We know it's less than her full power -- which, itself, is no greater than Loki's total power. So it was less than twice Loki's power. It's called deductive reasoning. Try it.

    Again speculation on your part as to what Galactus could do.

Speculation based on pure, fact-based logic.

    There is just as much data out there that shows G would not be able to override the enchantments. Especially since G's energy is only cosmic power.

Galactus has battled Agamotto, one of the most powerful mystical beings in the Multiverse, to a standstill.

    We DO KNOW if he exerts himself too much he can kill himself in the act of using his power without recharging.

Only a drooling Thor fanboy would suggest that Galactus, a being that has moved galaxies, would KILL himself trying to lift Mjolnir.

    An enchantment will always stay intact until a superior force removes it or until the original magic user removes it.

And since Galactus is easily equal to Odin, he would be able to defy his enchantment.

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