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Subj: Upper_krust! my friend how goes thee?.......
Posted: Fri Mar 13, 2009 at 05:43:41 pm EDT (Viewed 3 times)
Reply Subj: Simple...Rogers is 'Thor' already whereas Skarsgard needs a ton o' work
Posted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 at 06:41:58 pm EDT (Viewed 101 times)

    Howdy AMT! \:\-\)

    > After seeing that little parody of his audition I just could not see him as Thor!

    I disagree. He's the total package and easily the best of the bunch to date.

    I'm gonna disagree! LOL!

    > he has the body but even HHH has a better face!

    Get your eyes tested.

    maby, still i really cant save face if i was actually checking the guy out. stil i'm pretty secure with my manhood so i'm just gonna say i think Rogers is unatractive! sure Thors a warrior! but hell!, we need to draw in the female movie goer aswell, I dont know! maby his hair i'nt right! yeah its long but i just cant stand the little waves! i wonder how his hair would look completly straight? thats a small detail but i'm kinda crazy and easily irritated by things like that. for some reason I just think he has that dorky brendon fraiser look! you know that I have the body of a god but the face of a care bear loving needs a blanky kinda face! LOL!!! ok that was too much! but still I cant see his face or voice as Thor!( i'm not shouting I just love !!!!!!exlamation marks)

    > and I dont know if he was trying to, but he could'nt even act in that skit.

    I think all concerned were having a laugh.

    > Yeah he's 6'6" so what! he does not have the face for Thor!

    I disagree, he has a manly charm...Mek back me up on this I'm losing my mojo talking about the handsomeness of men.

    Hey your manhood is safe with me. But i mean look at him! can you take him serious?? REALLY??? i see him and he looks like a big muscular softy! stare at his face long enough and tell me you dont want to laugh! LOL!! thats no fair asking mek! Hey mek who's better looking Skarsgard or rogers??? or ME! LOL!!!!(i'll send ya a pic! LOL! JK!)

    > You know what there is probly a black/brown haired guy ot there that is getting over looked! and that sucks.

    No, thats a good thing...just like all the blond haired guys getting overlooked for Batman and Superman parts.

    > If you guys can convince me of rogers's acting skill i'd apreciate it.

    Thats the $130 million dollar question isn't it. I'm not saying jump in sights unseen - screen test him for goodness sake. If he doesn't measure up then tough luck.

    I hope if they do screen test him that he would do a better job! ok! so maby he was fooling around! I'll let thast go, its just I cant take him serious! MABY ITS ME! I"M INSANE!!! ok no! i'm not really!(me personally) But my persona on this board is pretty nuts! LOL!

    > as of right now Skarsgard is the best bet!

    If Rogers even has half the acting chops of Skarsgard then hes still the better bet.

    I guess we have to agree to disagree my friend! its all good! were all lyal Thorites and just want this movie to be done right.

    > he sounds like a good Thor! better than the voice in Hulk vs and he has the size and acting ability! and he is unknown and known enough to be a good pick.

    A good second choice. I wouldn't cry if Skarsgard was ultimately chosen. But Rogers has the look and the build.

    Hey skarsgard to me has the look and he only needs to add about 10-15 pounds or so for the build. NOT TO MENTION HIS VOICE! compare the two voices my friend and tell me i'm lying, I think after you do Skarsgard would be your first choice intsead of your 2nd.

    > But like I said there is probly an actor with dark hair that is being over looked because he does'nt look like Thor at the moment but could.

    If they don't cast a blond haired (or at the very least 'dirty fair') actor I swear on the sacred blood of Odin I won't go see this in the movies. It's hair-racism...thats what it is I tells ya and I won't be a party to such barber-ism!

LOL!!! Why? hollywood has all kinds of makeup wigs hair dye ect! bet you would'nt even know the guy had dark after seeing him as Thor! look lord of the rings almost all of those actors had dark hair but wore blond wigs or had dye jobs.


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