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Subj: Re: You've got to be kidding me here right?
Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2009 at 10:25:45 pm EDT (Viewed 145 times)
Reply Subj: Re: You've got to be kidding me here right?
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      Just like you admitted a portion can be defined as more than a fraction?

    Yes, just like how a fraction can be more than a portion. Or how one portion can be greater than ANOTHER portion. Welcome to the English language.

      I'm above your childish immaturity.

    Yet you speak as though you're a flunky from a backwater Bible School.

      this is your 6-7th response to this thread that validates your own increasing stupidity with each reply.

    Don't pretend you're above petty insults.

      Grow some balls and meet me halfway in the ring without trying to poison my water bottle and meet me like a man. Not like a punk who doesn't know how else to soundly articulate his point-of-view except by cursing and making insults. GROW...SOME...BALLS.

    Did you just challenge me to a physical fight?

      I don't care if it was 50 Cosmic Cubes. Galactus still needed the assistance of a mere mortal to aid him AND he had to kidnap earth's supreme magical dude to do it. \=\)

    And? What does that have to do with Mjolnir or Odin's enchantments? Oh, that's right: NOTHING. Nice red herring. My examples deal with Mjolnir directly, while yours are off on Wraithworld or involve Cosmic Cubes.

      Another example is a magical planet (Wraith World) protected by magical beings would have killed Galactus if he hadn't broken his vow to consume it and teleport away.

    And? Galactus nearly consumed Mephisto's entire magical dimension and battled Agamatto to a standstill. You're stuck on one example that is superseded by newer and better examples.

      I re-read those Enchanter issues and it seems to me that all three brothers were equal in power

    If they were all equal, that only hurts your argument as to the power level required to bypass Mjolnir's enchantments. We KNOW Magnir could do it and we know that neither he nor Brona were a match for Odin. And we know that Loki with a less than Karnilla's full power could equal the feat.

"Did you just challenge me to a physical fight?"

I'm so hoping you would initiate it.

Let's talk about the Enchanters for a minute and try to agree on their ballpark power level. We KNOW Forsung was below Odin level power. But as far as i can tell, there is no indication (as you suggest) that there is a difference in power between Forsung, Magnir and Brona. We KNOW Magnir was able to override the enchantment, something Lord Zeus, and (arguably) Mephisto, who is in the same power class with Hela (whom you stated probably could) wasn't able to do.

I can't remember Odin being challenged to the point where he's engaged with the enemy destroying dead planets and reigniting stars to defeat a foe. The only one that I can remember to challenge Odin on that level was Thanos. The result was nearly the same. Odin was unscathed, and Thanos was clearly losing that fight. The difference may be Odin gave Thanos a chance to surrender, but Forsung wasn't fortunate.

If I recall, Mephisto has fought Thor three times. The battles were a stalemate or they favored Thor because Mephisto could not bend Thor to his will. Also, Mephisto tried to separate Mjolnir in their second fight (scan) and almost defeated Thor. In their third fight (Thor annual #10 I believe) Mephisto actually caught Mjolnir, changed it to slag as Thor watched, reformed it, but threw his hammer back to him. Implying to me (he used an illusion to change it) and couldn't stop the hammer from returning. I'll have to dig up the issue to scan it if you want, but it shows Mephisto was more than willing to use this strategy again of trying to disarm Thor to defeat him but couldn't execute it.

I would then say the Enchanters were above Zeus and Hela in power. Zeus couldn't override the enchantment but Thor couldn't beat him either. Odin slew Hela but he did it much easier (if I recall) than Forsung. Also, Hela has never even managed to stop Mjolnir. You would think she would have just disarmed Thor (if it's that simple) to defeat him as Mephisto tried to do. The Death Gods (Hela, Mephisto, Pluto) are pretty equal in overall power.

What say you on this analysis?

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