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Subj: Re: More evidence that Thor is not on Odin's level
Posted: Sat May 02, 2009 at 02:37:22 pm EDT (Viewed 194 times)
Reply Subj: More evidence that Thor is not on Odin's level
Posted: Sat May 02, 2009 at 02:15:02 pm EDT (Viewed 46 times)

    Ymir just mopped the floor with King Thor. Although the battle occurred off-panel, it clearly wasn't a contest for Ymir. A bruised and semi-conscious Thor admitted that Ymir was out of his league. He had to be carried off the field by Ms. Marvel, because Ymir still wanted a piece of him.

    Oh, and Bendis added a new property to the Twilight Sword. It can shrink. Why Ymir would choose to shrink the sword down so that it can be wielded by human-sized characters is beyond me. He should have just kept the sword at its original size, and actually held on to the weapon.

    The issue was better than I expected. It has the typical Bendis dialog, but the art and the overall story are decent. I don't know why Thor showed veneration towards Ares, though. Fellow god or not, he's been nothing but a pain in Thor's ass.

    And what's this about Thor taking the sword back to Asgard, when he just said that it can't remain in Earth's dimension? Um... ASGARD is in Earth's dimension.

    It was interesting to see Osborn back down from a fight with Thor, even with Sentry as his lapdog.

Well I think it's already been pretty obvious for awhile that Thor is nowhere near Odin's level. Odin could destroy the Destroyer on a whim and go toe to toe with Galactus IMHO and I don't see Thor being able to do that.

Plus I'm sure he meant Asgard the continent, remember only Asgard the City is in Earth's dimension.

As for facing Osborn but is it just me or is his relationship with the Sentry oddly similar to what Luthor had with Captain Marvel in Kingdom Come. Anyways I'm sure a proper showdown between the two will come with Osborn calling on Sentry for help and then we'll finally see who'll be the main blonde powerhouse in the Marvel Universe lol.