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It seems to me that Bill is on the verge of getting himself off the B list of heroes. Horseface aside, his back story and power really seem to appeal to readers judging by the number of projects involving the character. So, what's holding him back? He needs an arch enemy. Think about it. Thor and Loki, Superman and Luthor, Batman and Joker, Cap and the Red Skull, etc, etc

So, who would be a good choice? Bring back Alpha Ray from the Oeming mini? Some other cosmic like Terrax or a resurrected Morg? An entirely new villain? Or maybe an unknown figure from Bill's past? Throw in your two cents here and let's see if we can't find Bill a foil.

Personally, I think the villain should have some ties to the Korbonites but also be able to tie into Bill's Asgardian connection. I'm thinking a traitor to the Korbonites. Just as Surtur sought out Malekith and Loki as allies in the prelude to Walt's Ragnarok he might have had an agent among the Korbonites. One who betrayed his own people, heck his own solar system, in exchange for promised power. As a twist, maybe he could even be one of the scientists/government agents responsible for the election of the champion. It may even turn out the gruesome appearance Bill now sports was unnecessary, but this character's demented nature drove him to do it as a cruel jest. His familiarity with Bill's cyborg physiology combined with whatever dark powers granted him by Surtur could make him quite formidable and a real threat.

thor's cast of villains are largely unique to him, with a few exceptions (absorbing man, wrecking crew, loki, for example). in addition, a lot of his villains tend to job in other titles. i don't think having BRB square off against thor villains would help much. in addition going back to galactus or asteroth might simply be viewed as a retread of earlier material, and not garner much additional interest beyond BRB's base.

i think BRB could use someone mainstream to fight....a tie in back to sutur or someone else could be the back story.

mandarin comes to mind. he might like the asgardian magic qualities of stormbreaker, and go after BRB b/c he's kinda a technological being. it could later be revealed that mandarin is fronting for sutur, who's promised him some power or other. this approach might pull in iron man readers.

speaking of iron man, he could be an arch enemy. of course, that's pretty part and parcel for him right now, but BRB could carry thor's grievance forward (or iron man may go after BRB the way he tried to w/ thor).

regardless of how BRB is handled, it will be a delicate balance w/ thor back in the picture. since he's a thor clone, it might be tricky to integrate him into the mainstream w/o taking away some of thor's thunder. heh...

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