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Subj: Gee seeks you covered the spectrum pretty thoroughly but here's a couple more....
Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 at 06:48:18 pm EDT (Viewed 103 times)
Reply Subj: What draws you to Thor over other heroes like Spider-Man, Superman, and Hulk?
Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 at 04:28:00 pm EDT (Viewed 166 times)

For me 1 and 2 are very important because while Spiderman and the Hulk are fantasies about the everyman being given power and the trials that come with those abilities, Thor is ultimately about a character who knows that one day he will have to sacrifice himself in battle along with his family to save the worlds he is charged with protecting.

He is a noble character but unlike Superman does not indulge in Pollyana innocence. He knows that many of the conflicts he enters into are life and death affairs.
It's interesting that you note while Thor is on the high end of the power grid he earned his reputation fighting giants - the massive beings who ruled the world before the Aesir were formed. He doesn't fight patsies. He is a heavyweight who takes on Super Heavyweights.

The literary aspect of Thor as depicted in Marvel is also very high on my list. He is Henry V, the often maligned son of a legendary father who is disappointed with him. Yet when the need arises Hal/Thor exceeds even his father's exploits in valor. He is sometimes Hamelt, stunned into paralyzing contemplation by the sudden absence of his larger than life patriarch. He is D'Artagnan the irrepressible and invincible youngster who outstrips his legendary comrades against the labyrinthian machinations of a sinsiter foe.

The cast is by defintion archetypal. Would there be a Joker without Loki? Would there be a Beowulf, Ivanhoe, Robin Hood without Thor and his bretheren perhaps but you certainly see their influence.

Even Ulty Thor has a deep connection to Don Quixote.

The language whether it is Stan Lee's faux Shakesperian, best realized by Walt Simonson or JMS modified/elevated modern English is consistently loftier than that of other funny books.

The conflicts, characters, and themes of this book can be the biggest in the industry. The character has had and continues to have a profound effect on me. That's just a part of why he's my favorite character in comics or fiction.

    What draws you to Thor over other superheroes from more human ones like Spider-Man and other powerful ones like Superman and Hulk.

    For me it is several things:

    1. The whole mythic background.
    I admit I have always been drawn to the fantasy stories than the more down to Earth stories.

    2. A Shakespearean/Arthurian hero
    Part of number one, I have always tended to like these stories more.

    3. He is not pure rage. The Hulk when you get down to it is a story about rage for me. It is appealing some and Thor deals with rage, but to me it can get old.

    4. Thor is not invincible.
    This is a big one for me. Superman is so durable pretty much nothing hurts him. That and he has a zillion other powers that can always have him dramatically increase, speed blitz, etc.
    The Hulk has such an absurd healing factor that in recent stories writers have had to scale it down to a large degree to make any battles with him interesting. The whole strength things risks getting ridiculous by some writers as well.

    Thor on the other hand has limitations. They are vast and open to some interpretation, but while he is bullet proof and tough and can heal fast none of these are so great that he is invincible. If he is hurt he fights on despite his injuries instead of just healing.

    5. He fights things that can hurt him.
    One problem with Hulk and Superman is often they find themselvs fightings things even in their own books that do not pose much threat to them because of their various powers.

    Thor on the other hand regularly fights things (again due to having less hard durability and healing) that can hurt him or are even more powerful than him. True, Thor could unleash massive storm and what not, but one problem with his powers I have come to realize is some of his mega attacks cause damage on a massive scale that could hurt those he is trying to protect, comrades, or just pure property damage.

    6. Thor's supporting cast I think is better and overall personal level.
    Clark, perhaps being more of an everyman, has almost a perfect background. His parents love him, he is happily married, everybody likes Superman and finds Clark likable enough.

    Hulk is not quite the same, but generally he has had Betty or someone else. People mostly try and help him save for Ross.

    Thor-On Earth he has plenty of friends, but in Asgard he is up to his neck in troubles. Aside from pulling double duty by having to protect Asgard from countless legions of trolls, giants, dragons, and other monsters that want to destroy it he protects Earth from alien invasions, time traveling despots, demonic invasions, etc. Either one would be a full time job. Add on he maintains a civilian life as well. He already is to me pulling more hero time than Superman or Hulk.

    That is not even mentioning his family problems. You have Loki, who is like Lex Luthor or the Leader but can actually match Thor's power in his own way, constantly trying to kill him. You have the overbearing dad Odin who is constantly interfering in Thor's life in one way or another. You have Sif who gets upset Thor is focused on Midgard. You have Amora constantly scheming to get with Thor. That is not mentioning the other problems and schemes he is constantly up against.
    What is worse is most of these schemes require more than just raw power to win.

    That and just smashing things with a hammer and lighting are cool.

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