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Subj: Re: To JMS its almost as if action is a dirty word...
Posted: Fri May 22, 2009 at 02:01:01 pm EDT (Viewed 77 times)
Reply Subj: To JMS its almost as if action is a dirty word...
Posted: Fri May 22, 2009 at 12:55:26 pm EDT (Viewed 20 times)

    Never said it was exclusively an action comic, but I will say it should be primarily an action comic and anyone who doesn't see that, doesn't understand the character (IMHO)...which is probably why Thor has really taken a back seat in his own title of late.

I do agree the character Thor himself is definitely action oriented. His key method to solve problems is to smash whatever is bothering him which in most cases works. I would counter however that one of Thor's strongest aspects has always been the supporting cast which the series is focusing on. I suppose the title "Tales of Asgard" might be more appropriate than "Thor."

    I'm sorry but I don't see 'action' as a limitation. It was never a limitation for Lee; Simonson; DeFalco; Jurgens; Oeming or numerous other Thor writers.

I was focusing on the action part where some people want fight after fight after fight. I think JMS is just taking a while to put everything into place other than have Thor battling frost giants ever other issue.

    To JMS its almost as if action is a dirty word.

I don't think so. I think just for him (as he has admitted) it is a weak point. But of all the weak points the strong story telling to me makes up for it.


      JMS is taking it in a direction with less action, but still telling a compelling story.

    It is an interesting story, but its never an exciting one.

I suppose exciting in a different sense. Thor is having to deal with things that brute force won't solve. And if it is a choice between this type story or Thor appearing in other titles like RHulk I will take this.


      Pure action can be just as pointless.

    I don't think anyones asking for that; although at the moment in Thor it would be a nice change of pace.

Well, at least you have the Mighty Thorcules to look forward to. \:\)

    Well I actually buy both Thor and Hulk, and they are polar opposites. Thor is deep yet boring, while Hulk is vacuous yet exciting.

I've tried reading some of Loeb's hulk and I can't stand it. I admit I hate characters who go issue after issue steamrolling over everything they fight.

To me the difference is like this if you compare them to food. Thor is the full-course, expensive meal that might take a while to cook, but is throughly enjoyed. Loeb's Hulk is a happy meal from McDonald's or pure sugar that gives you a rush, but is ultimately empty calories.

    I'm not saying one is better than the other, but I certainly know which I look forward to most...

I think JMS is different from what most comic readers are used too. Most I think do enjoy the action aspect more which is why Loeb's hulk sales so well despite it recieving the most negative complaints I have heard in a long time.

With Thor you think action start and superhero, but JMS is treating Thor more like a Shakespearean play that takes awhile to get to the action and put everything into place, but once it does the pay off is really worth it. A lot of people find Shakespear boring. I wonder if I'm just getting old (by the way I am less than thirty).

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