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Subj: Re: What makes Herc a fighter and not a warrior and Thor a warrior and not a fighter?
Posted: Sun May 24, 2009 at 02:17:30 pm EDT (Viewed 99 times)
Reply Subj: What makes Herc a fighter and not a warrior and Thor a warrior and not a fighter?
Posted: Fri May 22, 2009 at 12:35:11 pm EDT (Viewed 178 times)

    In the first issue of Incredible Hercules Herc states he was never a soldier, but a fighter. Thor often claims to be a warrior-born.

    I did some research on the Internet the other day and the two terms along with soldier are often used as synonyms, but some people had different ideas.

    A fighter is someone who fights for personal reasons. They may do it for money, fame, the sheer joy of it or something else but it is always personal. That is a way is Hercules who does relish the thrill of battle and the adoration of mortals. He likes being famous. Thor does get a certain thrill from battle, but for him it is secondary to other reasons.

    A warrior is one who fights for a higher ideal or purpose beyond just personal reasons. Thor fights to protect Asgard, nobility, honor, to vanquish evil, etc. So, by that definition Thor is more of a warrior. Herc fights for those causes, but in many cases he does not fight for a real cause or they are almost secondary to his joy of battle.

The difference is the same difference between the Olympians and the Asgardians.

The Olympians are almost exclusively a club of high powered beings who stand head and shoulders above everyone else and each embodies something idiosyncratic and unique. They have armies but they are mostly led by humans or those that have attained god status like Achilles. Even in the Trojan War they Olympians took sides.

Hence Hercules is kind of a wandering 'wrestler god' who was born to fight, and on his own terms simply because there are very few people who understand his situation or willing to listen to him. In a family populated by the likes of Athena, Zeus, Apollo and others of grace and smarts Herc is the one with the guts and strength.

Hence Herc is a fighter, since he has no real role and no army to speak of.

The Asgardians by contrast are or were a collective society that is ruled by one who is effectively one of their own, albeit with rune knowledge and extreme warrior prowess. It's a testament to Asgard that Odin (and Thor) seemed to know everyone's name and family. Thor has a role in this society and he knows his Asgardians will back him up because he's one of them beneath that hammer. He's always been a soldier and warrior out of uniform, simply because he's been around the same warriors for hundreds of years fighting the same things. he is also very reverent of his father and had been accepting his word for countless years. I'd say Asgardians do respect each other more than Olympians would.

Thor would feel a fellowship with any warrior, which is why he connected to Cap, Beta Ray Bill and Nick Fury who have all been in armies or annoited as the leader of one. He has after all led men and Asgardians to war countless times.

Hercules has also had very peculiar adventures and gotten through some of them by slugging it out and winning- many of his twelve Labors were simply to kill something. And of course he fights dirty.

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