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Posted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 at 01:36:23 am EDT (Viewed 35 times)
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Hey all. I posted this on the Battle board as well.

1st allow me to apologize beforehand. This is going to "sound" like a lecture and nobody enjoys those, but I think with this Hulk/Thor situation it needs saying.

Thor and Thor fans alike have been going thru a very rough patch for quite some time now. Maybe a bit longer than other characters and fans have had to but nevertheless it's happening. Thor fans scream "foul" nowadays about the treatment of their character but I ask them this: When it's Hulk's turn what are YOU going to do? Here's your answer: The same exact thing you did before it happened to Thor...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Oh you'll pile on like Hulk fans are currently doing and they'll scream "the writer doesn't know what he/she's doing" or "the writer doesn't know the character like we do", Or "the writer is a noob" ( I think that's the lamest criticizm of all. Because he's new his opinion or portrayal doesn't matter or count?!?! If any of you (us) who've read comics for years and know our characters inside and out and were not writers but then started writing, guess what you would be? The aforementioned "NOOB"! We don't know how versed or not the "noob" is so to hold his/her lack of tenure against is unfair and plain wrong)Sorry for THAT rant!

Here's the problem: We wait for it to affect OUR guy before we say anything! That's like burglaries happening in your neighborhood but you don't worry about it...until YOUR house gets hit! Now you want neighborhood watches and police drive by's! Characters are going to be portrayed inconsistantly. That's the way it is but if we wait until it affects OUR character before we say anything, that just diminishes the argument. If it happens to Thor, Hulk or anybody (except Superman. He's due for some extended jobbing! LOL)we should ALL complain. Why? Because it can happen to us too and in a lot of instances, already has. Once again I'm sorry for the length of this and I hope the tone isn't misconstrued. I just thought this should be said.


First, about the "noob"'s not that his opinion doesn't's really more about his credibility...would you let a newly licensed doctor operate on you if there are far more experienced doctors available? Honestly. Same thing with the noob writer who wrote the Hulk one-shot...there are far more credible writers who disagreed with him...and, at his own admission, he just wanted to make a comic that people will talk about...that's sensationalism, which will never replace a good story.

Second, about not waiting for "our guy" to be inconsistently portrayed before crying the first place, how could we cry foul if, for example, Brother Voodoo is inconsistently, or disrespectfully treated IF WE HAVE NO IDEA WHO HE IS, OR WHAT HE CAN DO? Correct? Are we obligated now to read every comic being published just so "our guy" will not suffer a similar fate? That's not very realistic now, is it?

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