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"I like Thor's new look but don't always like his portrayals--oh well. This is analogous to being a Montreal Canadiens fan and bemoaning that this team is not like the good old days with Lafleur and Dryden and Shutt and Robinson. And asking why this player isn't more physical or this other player seems afraid to shoot or this goalie couldn't stop a beach ball, etc. This is not 1976-79 and this year's squad just is not that good. So we can either watch the games or watch something else"

I just have one comment, and leave the rest of what you said alone, and just chuck them to difference of opinions...

Anyway, I think that reading comics, supporting a fictional character is different from supporting a sports team...for one, the former is subject to the whims of the writers and editors, and the latter, well...they can play as hard as they can, but if they lose, it's really out of their hands...

Complaining about a character's portrayal may or may not change things...but consider the following examples:

- Superman fans hated the way Bruce Timm portrayed a less than 'super' man-of-steel, saying that he is not as strong as he is supposed to,after a few heated internet debates... later on in the Superman animated series, he gradually became the JLA he beat Darkseid convincingly...and in the last episode, they wrote in that he was holding back this whole time, and when he punched (not holding back) an anti-life equation powered Darkseid, it totally defeated the lord of apokolips.

- Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) fans hated the fact that DC made him into a villain...then killed him off doing a "final" heroic act....that was supposed to be the end for Hal...but loyal fans protested...they wrote their editors...they talked about it in comic conventions...they had internet signature campaigns...and here we are now...Green Lantern Hal Jordan is now DC's hottest hero around, and he headlined a couple of successful dc-wide crossovers (Sinestro Corps, Blackest Night)...and the GL Reborn issues is now considered a contemporary classic...Thanks to Geoff Johns...thanks Geoff!

- Most of Spider-man's fans hated the fact that Marvel tried to replace Peter Parker with Ben Reilly...there were s few internet outrage back then (maybe because the internet was not widely accessible back in the day)...but there were some objections, and Marvel was forced to back-pedal.....I reckon, it's just a matter of time before Marvcel back-pedal again with their brand new day nonsense...they already released a poster showing MJ in a wedding gown reaching out to Spidey...

There really is nothing wrong with talking about a character's portrayal...nor is it futile...there may be a power-that-be lurking around somewhere, and they could potentially do somthing about it. The writers are comic fans also... Just letting things go, without so much as a whimper is a defeatist attitude.

Let me quickly clarify what I meant. Yes, my comments can be and apparently were taken as defeatist. You made some reasonable points about DC; I'll acknowledge that as well. However, the current editorial team at Marvel and the writers they hire and the parameters they have ostensibly established as it pertains to Thor seem somewhat immutable and quite immune to dissent. To that end, I think Thor fans/enthusiasts/supporters are causing themselves undue distress by arguing and complaining ad infinitum. The "powers" are no doubt aware of these complaints (they read the message boards too) but they clearly don't care. That's all I'm saying homey.

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