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Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 at 01:53:21 pm EDT (Viewed 13 times)
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Hey all. I posted this on the Battle board as well.

1st allow me to apologize beforehand. This is going to "sound" like a lecture and nobody enjoys those, but I think with this Hulk/Thor situation it needs saying.

Thor and Thor fans alike have been going thru a very rough patch for quite some time now. Maybe a bit longer than other characters and fans have had to but nevertheless it's happening. Thor fans scream "foul" nowadays about the treatment of their character but I ask them this: When it's Hulk's turn what are YOU going to do? Here's your answer: The same exact thing you did before it happened to Thor...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Oh you'll pile on like Hulk fans are currently doing and they'll scream "the writer doesn't know what he/she's doing" or "the writer doesn't know the character like we do", Or "the writer is a noob" ( I think that's the lamest criticizm of all. Because he's new his opinion or portrayal doesn't matter or count?!?! If any of you (us) who've read comics for years and know our characters inside and out and were not writers but then started writing, guess what you would be? The aforementioned "NOOB"! We don't know how versed or not the "noob" is so to hold his/her lack of tenure against is unfair and plain wrong)Sorry for THAT rant!

Here's the problem: We wait for it to affect OUR guy before we say anything! That's like burglaries happening in your neighborhood but you don't worry about it...until YOUR house gets hit! Now you want neighborhood watches and police drive by's! Characters are going to be portrayed inconsistantly. That's the way it is but if we wait until it affects OUR character before we say anything, that just diminishes the argument. If it happens to Thor, Hulk or anybody (except Superman. He's due for some extended jobbing! LOL)we should ALL complain. Why? Because it can happen to us too and in a lot of instances, already has. Once again I'm sorry for the length of this and I hope the tone isn't misconstrued. I just thought this should be said.


I agree with most of what you say here, but I do not recall any character taking so many hits across so many versions, etc and in such concentrated order -- and this is a character with a power set, physical strength, experience etc etc that should not see such treatment so coomon and so embarrasing --

as I posted on Battle board in BOTW Thor/Sentry, I didn't think anyone had the pwoers to match Sentry/Void, including Thor, unless some mojo occurred, so I have no problem with Thor not beating Sentry/Void or others at that level/power

but the ohter stuff is ridiculous, insulting portrayal of the character and it has happened s whole lot in a relatively short time -- when other fans try to point to bad portrayals with their favorites, they tend to have to go back some time and tend to have only 1 or two really bad ones happening in years and years --Thor's crappies have come in weeks and months and are more numerous -- in statistical terms this would be a statistical anomaly, but there would be high degree of reliability of the findings based upon the sample size and sample time period length in comparison to other characters

most any would be very hard pressed to even find the equal number of embarassing portrayals, let alone find a comparable number that occured within about 12 to 18 months, and occured while the character was in a more accurately portraying potentializing of powers relaunch, doing very well and successfully, and while having a movie made about the said character

many have said there is no effort to water down Thor but they have no comparable example and no alternative explanation why all this is happening as frequently and as quickly and commonly as we're seeing with Thor -- so OK we hear the counter perspective that there is no conscious effort to water down Thor, but we never hear any supportive info or presentation to lend greater credence to that perspective, no plausible explanations why so much is happening to Thor in such a short period of time

I do not recall other characters of Thor's stature going thru such a rough patch, nor do I recall other characters having re-portrayals from events that happened years ago --- if there are any that anyone can list and post here, and if there are more than just one other suffering a similar rough patch as Thor currently is, then that would be helpful -- we could take a look at what happened to those characters after their rough times to see how things settled out with them

as for any other characters getting similar treatment in the future as Thor is currently getting? if that treatment is embarrasing and counter to that character's potentials and abilities you better believe that I will most definitely point out the stupidity and ridiculousness of that should it happen --smart momey at this time tells me you won't see such a stretch or number with the Hulk, BatMan, WW, Spider Man, Wolverine, etc etc, or if we do ever see anything like that it will be a long time from now --a long long time

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