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He has seen Asgard die, all Asgardians vanished or taken away before (several times in fact), he has seen Sif trapped in a mortal body, he has seen Odin die multiple times and so on. There are going to be specific examples that I am not thinking of at the moment, but Thor has alot of pain in his past too.

He is not driven by it as some heros. Batman and Spider man it is what got them going on their path to start with. Thor is start of a more noble warrior culture. Driving force is much easier to come by in those sorts of people. They are born to fight and give their all in everything. Just give them a cause.

    All the main heroes seem to have experienced a good deal of tragedy.

    Spider-Man lost his uncle, and Gwen Stacy, Miles Warren, Ben Reilly, and,, it's a really long list.

    Batman has lost his parents, Jason Todd (What's that? He came back years ago? Nope, that's not Jason Todd. Nah nah nah nana, it's not.), and a bunch of other people he cared about.

    Daredevil has lost Karen and a few other girlfriends.

    Has anyone really close to Thor died? The only two people that I can think of are Thunderstrike and Odin. Odin will probably come back, and Thunderstrike, how often is he mentioned? The only time that I remember was in that Grim Reaper Avengers issue during the Busiek/Perez run. I mean, I guess you could say that Thor lost everyone in Asgard, but there all pretty much back now.

Also the destruction of his hammer on a few occasions, especially when he fought the celestials...