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Posted: Wed Mar 31, 2010 at 10:28:09 am CDT (Viewed 68 times)
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    I just remember JMS saying there wouldn't be "Can't" and "Wouldn't" it would be Cannot and would not.

    He said he modeled the new thorspeak after Aragorn in Return of the king.

That sounds about right. I'm trying to get that feel with Thor here, but since he does still use the occasional "Aye" or "Have at thee" I thought throwing in a "Yea" would still work.

I've seen conflicting depictions of how Bill speaks though, so I'm doing some re-reading to try and get his speech right. I always see him as speaking in a kind of grandiose way, but without the Ye Olde English style. I know there have been depictions lately that show otherwise, but Bill saying "Get that !@#$%# away from my hammer" just really felt out of character to me (in Thor: Secret Invasion), so I won't emulate that.

    It's tough to do Really. I've been writing/Drawing a story (third version since 78) that's set in the Viking era using that exact idea too.

    It gives the characters an ancient feel not using any newer phrases, or contractions, without having to use Old English or Shakespearean

Really Lord of the Rings did a fantastic job with the speech of characters like Aragorn; I'm hoping the Thor movie uses the same style of speech for the Asgardians.

Yeah, Bill has had different ways of speaking. He's tough to nail down.
I'd go with the Stormbreaker saga if anything if I used references for him. Oeming Nailed him I think.