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    in cases like Thor and the Warriors Three it makes it easier to identify them. I recall watching a short introduction to anime years ago and it stated the reason some anime characters in the past (and present to a degree) had outrageous hairdos or costumes was to make it easier to tell them apart.

I uderstand that logic, but these characters have been around for literally decades now...

    As for Asgard, I think as writers got more and more away from the "sci-fi, super-advanced Asgard" you got simpler designs. They are meant to look more Vikingish. The less eccentric costumes I suppose are to let the Asgardians be taken more seriously. I seem to recall some issues where Odin would go through two or three outfits in one issue.

Again, your point is a valid one. However, if Marvel writers do an excellent job with these characters, most readers would have no recourse but to take them seriously. You can always mix the Viking style with new designs, and Jack Kirby was the TRUE master at this... Thor should don his regular Super-Hero costumes (especially the classic one) most of the time, but not all of the time. It's good for artist to come out with a new design every now and then. By the way, I really like Walter Simonson Armor costume as well as Jurgen and Bennetts. I think that he should wear them every now and them.....

I never had a problem taking the Thor character seriously. The only times I had issues was with some of the more eccentric head pieces. Most of the time I have had no problem. I would expect gods to have some pomp and circumstance to them.

As for the armor, I would not want it to be normal, but I would not mind seeing it again. One thinking I have is it is more of a "battle" costume meant for heavier fighting. Just like some heroes have a more battle oriental or specialized costumes. Iron Man has has standard armor and then other ones for space, heavy fighting, etc. T'challa has a couple as well. I could see Thor's hauberk (main) costume for day-to-day wear. Being a warrior he wears light armor all the time, but with his own durability he usually does not need more. I could see when he knows he is entering a major battle such as against Galactus or a vast army that he wears a heavier armor.