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Subj: Re: New Avengers # 63
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    For me personally.., I will boycott any and everything that Bendis writes. I may even just stop my marvel purchases period.

    Have any of you sen the last few panels in New Avengers # 63 ? I can not find an image online, but basically, near the end of the

    book, there is a panel where Thor is just kneeling, head down, arms turned out, in a completely defeated/ defeatist posture. It is

I think this whole 'persecution' attitude Thor fans have has gone way way too far, it's just not relatable for me at all.
In the context of Siege and the fact Asgard, their home and Thors, has just been toppled just what reaction is its architect, Prince and heir supposed to have? Indifference, anger or as seen here a few moments of personal grief and regret....? \(fear\)

Persecution ? Did you read my whole post ? It is about character and the writing being completely the opposite of the character.

Thor, like Captain America ( or Supes if that is who you like ) is a character with heart.., one who never gives up, thus the defeatist portrayal is more than odd, it's blashphemy.

Never mind that Asgard has fallen.., but rather that Thor would just sit there and do nothing ( when Sentry and the others who attacked are still attacking ) is ridiculous.

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