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Subj: Re: New Avengers # 63 -unfortunately at this time and place ....but...
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For me personally.., I will boycott any and everything that Bendis writes. I may even just stop my marvel purchases period.

Have any of you sen the last few panels in New Avengers # 63 ? I can not find an image online, but basically, near the end of the
book, there is a panel where Thor is just kneeling, head down, arms turned out, in a completely defeated/ defeatist posture. It is
one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen. Thor, Lord of Asgard.., just gives up.

They may as well end his series as there is no longer Thor.., only some pale imposter. Either that, or just give it a different name
because it certainly is not Thor God of Thunder. A God of Thunder with no character or HEART ?

Yes, yes, it's a storytelling venue. Fine. I am going to use a storytelling venue to write a book where Daredevil beats the living
daylights out of and defeats the Hulk.., to be followed by Howard the Duck doing the same. Hey, it is a storytelling venue, right ?

Marvel Comics - the home of Character Assassination ...

clearly from Brevoort's posts (not talking the about any that might be sarcastic or unpleasant from him)he pretty much assesses and believes that Thor is exactly where and how he ought to be and this current Thor is what a certain percentage of current MU Edit, writers etc believe he should be

most here see Thor in a certain way, and perhaps most at MU Edit and Creative see him another --- I believe that most here see Thor as Alpha-Male for characters at Herald-Level and loewer, and this perception was packaged and sold for at least some time from Thor's creation until time (pick your time period --80's? 90's? 2000's?) -- that perception, based upo what was marketed & sold, along with enough portrayals to support it, was formulated by the collection of powers, experience etc, we've all heard this before --- anything less than Alpha meant and means that Thor is not going all-out using all his powers, skills, and experience to their potential --and why Alpha? who in all of Marvel consistently fought against the most powerful opponents and characters? who in Marvel can match Thor's 'rogues gallery' ? --the measure of the opponents gives the measure of the hero, and yet despite that, MU Edit's take on Thor seems to vary, at least in our minds, from that measure --

BREVOORT: I think your response underscores the extreme position that certain Thor fans have whenever anyone or anything threatens the position that Thor isn't the be-all and end-all most powerful and capable character ever in the history of time and space amen. Given that i can count on the fingers of ne hand the number of times Thor and Ares have met in singular combat, I'd say there's plenty of room for interpretation. Add to that the fact that, before the limited series that reintroduced him into modern Marvel, he hasn't been seen in something resembling a decade, and you're firmly in the camp of clinging to continuity as an albatross, rather than something that informs the stories

while this is a distortion of how Thor fans feel, and it has all sorts of distorted logic and reasoning as well, it gives a good representation of what Brevoort and those who agree with him think about Thor.... (quote posted by Fifthchild on the Battleboard on April 1st -hopefully a poor April Fool's trick, but no indication that it was)...

the current thinking for at least some of Edit and Creative seems to account for these opponents and Thor's skills, powers et al in lesser fashion, focusing instead upon the whims and direction of the story they have in mind and are creating

I also see this as lending a lot more credence to this as a possible reason why JMS left Marvel

it's amazing that such a perception of Thor can be so strongly believed given, if nothing else, the Rogue's Gallery Thor has...


the latest Seige showing of Thor on his knees? while it does have the look of an extremely poor and destitute bad-times, struggling farmer who is finally completely beaten down by a tornado that has destroyed his crops, killed most of his livestock and took down his house, we can also view it as only single moment in time...

it would not be unreasonable to show Thor so broken hearted over the events of Siege, heck some of us are and this is only a comic book....

so by itself this frozen moment seems even more pitiful and dreadful portrayal of Thor, but I'm gonna hold out on this one until we see what happens next --

I do believe Asgard will rise again but not on earth -- as I have posted when it happened and as has been asked here recently by Olorin, Asgard is as much a mystical construct as a physical and so it can be raised again --but I wonder how many Asgardians died in that and I think there are few left.... clearly another statement by MU Edit to depopulate and diminish Asgardians and Gods in the Marvel Universe

I'm sorry to say that as things are now Thor fans cannot hope to see him portrayed at the same status he once was, a status not base simply upon the "extreme position" of Thor fans, but more upon portrayals, packaging, and opponents -- the inaccurate description/labelling Brevoort posted is disrespectful to Thor fans and is why the controversy has grown so because it glosses over so much including Thor's historic rogues gallery -- it is classic wizard of oz "don't believe that man behind the curtain" i.e. don't believe what your eyes have seen... it would have been so easy for him to simply say, from the beginning, that He and MU Edit see Thor differently than what we've seen previously and that that is the direction Thor will be going in...we apologize to Thor fans whose percerception of Thor is as the vastly powerful, highly capable God of Thunder places Thor as the near-undefeatable Alpha-hero --we respect Thor and his powers and experience, we see him as very powerful and capable, but we also see others in the MU who can and do clearly present equal measure and challenge to him --we feel this makes things much more interesting for the Marvel Universe as a whole and for Thor as an important character in the MU and concerning what happens in the MU

while that would have raised some ire and dissatisfaction, the truthfulness and respectfulness of the statement would have diffused most of the disagreement and would have at least left most fans with a feeling of acknowledgement -- the current spate of poor showings would have raised Thor fans ire all-the-same, as I for one see them as over-the-top extremely poor portrayals being used to alter the perception of Thor --I think greater and more compelling battles and conflicts would be much more in line with increasing the interest and success of Marvel comics and Marvel characters


I will take this latest Siege-asco as a moment in time and nothing more, and an understandble reaction by Thor, but not as the only reaction, nor as his main one -- I hope we will be seing those shortly, and I hope they are great portrayals showing the truest measure of the character and the power of Thor

I cannot neglect to mention this, I thin that tragedy-turned-triumphant reminds me all-too-much of Walt Simonson's formula of stories for Thor, but taken to a greater degree and extreme and perhaps distortion --- I can see the reasoning behind it - MU Edit: "Simonson's run one of the most acclaimed, most talked about, best-selling Thor runs, let's understand the template and follow the format" --

but Simonson seems to have cared a whole lot more about Thor and Asgardians... a whole lot more...

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