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Subj: Re: How open are you about gods suddenly displaying unheard of powers? What limits should there be?
Posted: Tue Feb 15, 2011 at 11:56:06 am EST (Viewed 184 times)
Reply Subj: How open are you about gods suddenly displaying unheard of powers? What limits should there be?
Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2011 at 09:19:07 pm EST (Viewed 253 times)

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One question about comics is power creep, the spontaneous generation of new powers. These often come and go as the plot demands and if done wrongly or too far can in the eyes of many ruin a character and break down the internal logic of a story. If you list a character's powers that is more or less the limit of what they can do. The can be creative about application of that power, but that is about it. Professor X can read mind, project illusions in minds, and other standard telepathy abilities. Yet if he were to suddenly start flying that would be considered completely illogical within the context of the story. With gods we get the standard powers of immortality, superhuman physicalness, and usually something associated with their domain like weather control for Thor.

But how about gods? Some gods in myths rely heavily on enchanted objects, but other gods in myths can do pretty much whatever they want. The same with comics. This is mainly in the older stories, but even in modern stories gods are sometimes doing things just because they are gods. Balder one time walked unseen among humans. Thor used to almost have a new power each issue. In modern stories aside from the standard god package Hera has shown the ability to resurrect the dead and read minds. Apollo teleported Ares's son Alexander to him. In both instances neither abilities were really related to their godly roles, but were unquestionable accepted due to them being gods. Whenever a god does something that seems to come out of nowhere the standard answer is "there gods" and sort of transcend normal limitations of logic.

We have also seen this taken too far namely with Thor. The multitude of powers he demonstrated back in the Silver age is sometimes laughed at now. The ease with which he resurrected Odin and Loki. Reviving the dead is something that has always required great difficulty even for Odin. Many fans did not like the ease with which this happened and is probable going to happen in the future.

So, how accepting are people of gods demonstrating new powers as the plot demands? What limits should there be? The next time USAgent gets in the face of an Olympian god should they just snap their fingers and turn him into a rat? Should the limit be that though they can do certain things like transform and summon mortals they have great difficulty doing the same to a god of near equal or greater power? Ex. Zeus could just teleport Apollo to him due to the power difference but Apollo could not teleport Thor to him.


It doesn't Bother so much that Thor resurrected Odin and Loki easier than it would have been for Odin Since Thor is SUPPOSED to be more powerful than Odin, which has been over looked.
What bother's me is Thor hasn't been Treated with THAT respect since he's been back. He's been treated more like a Thor that wasn't holding back his strength and nothing about the wisdom he gained as RUNE THOR.

The argument in 619 brings up good points from both Odin and Thor, but to be honest what Odin would have done could be the reason he could never achieve what Thor did which is why Thor Broke the Ragnarok cycle.
The problem with THOR tho is it's his NATURE to have confrontation, he's the God of Thunder, a Warrior born he NEEDS confrontation.
Odin STILL thinks in the old ways unwilling to do new things, though he has the grounding needed to see things Thor can't yet.

Each god is different to me. I'm sure each can do the same things if it's close enough to their nature tho they have their best aspects and use those the most.
For example Thor is also a fertility god and son of Jord, I'm sure because of that he has a bit more "understanding" of giving life than Odin since that is his nature.

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