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    Quote: contraire, he did it rather easily. Thor exhausted himself and had to go into "thor-sleep", and is limited only to those who fell during Ragnarok. Odin did it witha wave of a hand (as seen in a recent tpb, which I forgot).

Under Jurgen's Thor with the Odinpower failed to fully restore a mortal girl to life. He restored the body but not the soul. Odin could not easily restore Balder to life when Loki killed him. It is stated it took just about all of his power to restore Thor and Valkyrie to life after their mortal forms were slained. So there is a firm history of Odin having great difficulty reviving someone once their soul has passed into Hela's realm. Perhaps due to it being stealing what is there by right and going against the natural order.

...but bear in mind....Odin was said to have given life to the Asgardians. He can absorb their life essence, with ease. And after one version of Ragnarok, he did rebuild Asgard with little effort.

The stories you mentioned, particularly Jurgen's run, about reviving a mortal girl....that's the thing, it's a mortal life. Not Asgard. It's obvious the theme of Dan Jurgens' story is about how even a skyfather cannot give life, which is supposed to be given only by One God. But then again, I never mentioned about Odin (or Skyfather Thor) giving life to a mortal. I said, Odin revived Asgard with ease, and he did. He created Asgard (or at least the latest version of Asgard prior to the "final" Ragnarok ushered by Rune Thor during Oeming's run), with ease.

Going back to Odin creating mortal one point, Don Blake was only a mortal given life by Odin, where he placed Thor's consciousness sans memory...but lo and behold, Don Blake is NOW an independent person, with his own consciousness apart from Thor's. Odin created Donald Blake very easily.

Now, let us discuss Odin using all his powers to "restore Thor to life after his mortal life was slain"...are you talking about Eric Masterson, after he was almost killed by Mongoose? Again, it's not a mortal life originally created by Odin (unlike Don Blake), it's another life. Another point, at that time, if you remember, Tom DeFalco had this storyline where Odin's strength was ebbing, and he badly needed the Odin Sleep during the time that happened (which eventually he got, hence Heimdall became in charge for a time). Odin's powers were so weak at that point, he couldn't even send Thor to Midgard directly at one time (and he had to go through Reed's Negative Zone portal, or something like that). Anyway, it's not a life originally created by Odin, and the "real reason" is because...Tom DeFalco wanted to unite Thor with Eric Masterson.

And let us not forget one of the best Thor stories, Tiwaz, a former all-father can breathe life to an inanimate object, complete with their own thoughts, even if they expire within a day. But no matter how brief, he gave them life.

About Odin not getting souls which has entered Hela's realm, it was hinted before that such limitation is self-imposed, not because Hela was more powerful, or that he was powerless, especially if it involves Asgardians (not mortals).

Like everything in comics, there are conflicting showings. It usually happen when a writer wants to tell a particular story. But there is precedent where Odin can, and has, controlled the life force of Asgardians with little effort....ex. 1) re-created Asgard after one version of Ragnarok; 2) Absorbed the life essence of Asgardians to combat the Celestials (because it was his to take back); 3) Odin also gave life to a barren wasteland, and used Thor to do it, only because he was a manipulator of events, not because he couldn't do it himself.

Again, these are stories...and a character's limitation is determined by the writer. They fluctuate all the time. DC is no longer having any pretense of continuity, which Marvel is emulating for a few years now. So, whether Odin or other Skyfathers can (or cannot) do certain things, it really depends on the creative team.

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