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Let us say that the mighty Thor is engaged in battle 'gainst a villian most foul. Let us say that said villian is able to disarm Thor, causing Mjolnir to fall to the ground. Let us say that the fight carries the hammerless Thor some distance from Mjolnir. Can Thor cause Mjolnir to return to his hand? I'm envisioning Luke Skywalker using the force to cause his lightsaber to return to his hand. Can Thor do it with Mjolnir?

I want to say he can't, because there were probably times in the 60's when he was pressed by the 60 second rule and needed to get to Mjolnir fast, and he couldn't just call it. But it seems like he SHOULD be able to call it to him. Anyone got any scans to that effect?

Mjolnir is mentally bonded to Thor, and thus it obeys his mental commands. Although it is rarely done, Thor can command Mjolnir to do some crazy tricks, such as chase down a fleeing opponents or strick multiple targets in one throw.

When Eric Masterson first "lifted" Mjolnir, he wasn't actually worthy. Thor was calling it back, giving Masterson the appearance that he was lifting it as it returned.