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Subj: Nope. Actually, Stan Lee already explained it rather easily in one of the back-up features in one of Thor's early issues...
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Actually in handbooks in comics it has always said that Mjolnir always returns to Thor's hand. I don't know who wrote that in Wiki or wherever but it has always been that Mjolnir must return to Thor's hand. The same way that it says Storm Breaker must return to Bill's grasp and how Gungnir must return to Odin's hand. Just think about it, Thor throws Mjolnir get's distracted and moves from his spot and say has to fight someone else, your telling me Thor has to mentally command Mjolnir to return to his hand? What if he can't? Mjolnir will return to the exact same spot it was thrown and if Thor's not there to catch it what happens? Will Mjolnir just drop or will it continue to circle the planet until it runs out of forward kinetic energy or until Thor commands it to stop and return to his hand. It would also make Thor a stationary target if he has to stay in the same place or he has to will Mjolnir to his hand if he takes a one step away from his former spot. Either way it has been shown in both ways still one makes sense and would work in Thor's favor while the other does not.

I think though the question was if Thor could mentally command Mjolnir to come to his hand if it was just stationary and say laying on a table. Which we have seen Thor be able to do.

...which was reprinted in one of those anniversary issues or annual, I can't be certain, given the volume of comics I have, and how busy I am with work (can't rummage through all of those comics)... but it clearly states that Mjolnir returns to the same spot where it was thrown, and that Thor can somehow control it's flight.

The fact that it doesn't work for you (or doesn't make sense) is really neither here nor there. Like I said, it returns to the same spot, and like I also said, he can command his hammer's flight (or summon it) if he is somehow displaced. It does not always return to his hand. How else can you explain how Thor was hit by mjolnir at the back (one of those Marvel Team-up issue with Spidey vs the Black Abbot, or some cult)? The Juggernaut once rode mjolir to hit Thor (it didn't return to his hand). Yes, most of the time it returns to his hand... that's because Thor can control it's flight. Sure he can fight multiple opponents even without his hammer, and he will find a way to get mjolnir, not because his hammer automatically return to his's really a combination of fighting skill, and the fact that he can control the hammer's flight (like how he can somehow control it's flight while grasping the thing).

And about the original post, I already answered the original poster in the affirmative, and there really is no doubt, Thor can summon the hammer, the same way he can control it's flight, etc.

Anyway, tomato-tomAto, whatever floats your boat. I can't really get into this discussion. But if I find that back-up feature explaining how Mjolnir works I will just post scans here.

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