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I have seen this article before. And the article has no merit.

I saw Masters Of The Universe. I probably am one of the few that actually liked Masters Of The Universe. Frank Langella did a great job as Skeletor. The movie was not a great movie. But it did have its moments. For the most part, the acting was so-so. But the movie was entertaining and did have its moments.

But to compare it to the upcoming Thor movie is a joke. There is no comparison when it comes down to the story, the acting, the battles, and so-on. There just isn't any comparison at all. Also, note that the British rag is The Guardian, a media outlet with very little or any credibility. And on that note...

I also enjoyed MOTU and took it at the level it was made - a kids/fantasy film.

I can live with the 'Nazi surfer dude' comments etc. coz they're old hat, but having a cheap pop at the movie before it's even out is pathetic. A move like this would never get made in the UK and I think serious film hacks should be looking at why. We disk have a film industry once, and a games industry, which the last government nearly destroyed.

Vidar the grumpy
PS sorry to hear your plight but good to hear from you old friend.