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Subj: LoL I guess I don't really understand...
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I probably shouldn't jump in here but I've already typed this out...

    OK First. Hulk is not a match for Thor in the comics, never was.

They've repeatedly matched up very well in the comics and probably always will.

    In fact Thor was brought into Marvel to be far more powerful than the Hulk.

I don't want to make too big a deal out of it since I think it's largely irrelevant but I don't think its necessarily true. Stans quote about how he decided to bring in a God to a universe that already had someone as strong as the Hulk don't necessarily imply he was supposed to be "far more powerful".

    Hulk fans for some reason especially couldn't stand the idea of Thor being more powerful.

Maybe for the same reasons Thor fans never liked the idea of Hulk being stronger. Would Thor fans like the idea of Hulk being more powerful? At any rate regardless of how people felt about the idea that doesn't make it true.

    But his strength is equal to stronger depending on the Hulk's state at the time, he was more durable, and has Infinitely greater power, Thor is simply a few level Higher than the Hulk.

It's never looked like that in the comics. And I can't think of any creators who have espoused this view for that matter.

    The "rivalry" you speak of never existed in Thor fans eyes. That is a thing that was invented completely by Hulk fanboys who have always wanted Hulk to be Galactus level. When the guy isn't even on Surfer's level.

I can only say you sound a lot like Gamma Red in many ways when he insists Hulk >>> Thor.

    Second this is a fighting game, Anyone can beat Anyone. Zero is one of the sickest and most unbeatable characters in the Game, at least in my hands.

Why anyone would want Thor or Hulk to be established as definitively superior to the other. I mean, the whole point is for it to be a great rivalry! The writers that made these characters great, like Stan Lee, Peter David, Walt Simonson... these writers understood this.

I DO have a problem with recent depictions of Thor in fights with Hulk, but that is because Marvel has allowed writers to depict Hulk in various incarnations doing everything but whipping out his johnson and pissing all over Thor. That is not the foundation for a great rivalry (LoL, obviously).

Everyone is going to have a favorite, but we should all be able to recognize that it's for the best if each character gets his props and no one is disrespected.

(Not really a response to Fifthchild in particular, just my two cents on the discussion in general.)