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Subj: Speaking of MVC3 Thor's black haired varient, anybody say Nobilius? I know it was just a random pallette swap but..
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Reply Subj: Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds! Why Hulk vs Thor fans shall rejoice
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Now I've never been a huge video game guy. I always hated how the Hulk was portrayed in these Capcom fighting games because he was always shown to be smaller than Juggernaut (which always infuriated me). Not to mention that this game is what truly sparked the whole Juggernaut is more stronger than the Hulk debate in the 90's.

Anyways, I bought the XBox360 more for my daughter and picked up Mortal Combat vs DC Universe so we could play out the Captain Marvel vs Superman rivalry (yes, she is a freak like me). Yesterday we picked up Marvel vs Capcom 3 and strategy guide(because she loves Jean Grey as the Phoenix and loves looking at the stats of the heroes and villains). So as I was looking through the guide I noticed how powerful both the Hulk and Thor were. And looking further, I noticed that they were the two most powerful in the entire game (next to the final-boss Galactus) and great rivals for each other to battle it out. So here are some stats that should make Hulk and Thor fans happy.

Vitality: This is how much the character can take before being knocked out.

Thor is ranked number 2 in the game with 1,250,000 points (only behind the Sentinel at number 1 with 1,300,000). This is great because Thor's warrior spirit keeps him fighting on no matter the odds.

Hulk is tied for 3rd (with Capcom characters Haggar and Tron) with 1,200,000 points. But what the Hulk lacks against Thor in vitality he makes up with super armor, in which, when he is grounded, he can take a hit and walk through it without falling back (he is the only character in the game that has this ability). This makes the Hulk extremely dangerous when he gets close.

X-Factor: This is the damage and speed this character brings to your triple or double team when you have a certain number of power bars (1-3 plus), the more bars, the more damage. I'm only listing damage.

Thor on level 3 plus brings in 220% of damage to your double/triple teams which he is tied for 2nd with the Sentinel in the entire game. This makes Thor a great teammate to have.

Hulk is tied for 1st at 230% with Iron man (who should be a great support character with his tech) in the game. Hulk damage is, of course, second to none.

Strengths and overall:
Thor is a great in-close character but is also awesome at range, as he should be. With his vitality and combos, etc. he is by far, one of the best and most feared in the game. He only has a little lag time, which is true to the character because Thor was never the fastest guy on the battlefield. The God of Thunder shines just like he should.

Hulk is THE in-close character in the game who can deliver the most damage consistently with every maneuver he has in his arsenal. Sure some specials like Akuma's "Raging Demon" is the games most deadly finishing Hyper combo. But more often than not, the Hulk will beat anyone in the game if they fight him on his terms. When it comes to hit and be hit, he will be the last guy standing. The strategy guide says it best; "Complete with incredible power that sets the standard for strength."

So finally a game where Thor and Hulk fans can both be happy and fight it out and see who is truly the best.

Come on! Tell me true Thor fans did'nt think of Nobilius? I know alot of people have said superman but that makes no sense, I say he could be Nobilius, who's with me?