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Subj: Again...Wrong again, Boy Wonder.....
Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 at 08:36:29 pm EST (Viewed 85 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I'm sorry but what's wrong here is the view point.....
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    The "rivalry" is a myth. It was something that developed outside of the comics. It was carrier out in comics later because of the popularity it gained. This is a company after-all selling comics was priority one i believe. I always felt they should be friends, not rivals.

    However you don't get why one should be superior. i don't understand the big deal in Thor having been Brought into the MU to be more powerful being a problem. It goes to the Hulk fan-base again. Heaven forbide if Hulk lose. You want proof look at the recent fight with Zeus there are many a Hulk fan pissed off about it. This is a Sky-Father. In no way losing to him is a disrespect to the character.

    Hulk has lost before, he will lose again. But Thor is a being who is supposed to surpase his own father in power. Who powers were established as being greater. Who was depicted by Lee & Kirby as being like with Surfer simply on a higher scale than Hulk can achieve.

    That's not disrespectful of Hulk. I;m sorry but therein lies a big part of the problem. That view.

    Spider-man is nowhere near as powerful as Thor. That's supposed to be disrepectful of him? Same with DareDevil, and Cap. America. Even higher tier as in Iron-man. And Silver Surfer himself has admitted to Thor's superior power. It's not disrespectful to have character live up to their powers and abilities. To their tiers.

    It's simply foolish to have an ant attack a lion, and expect an even showing out of "respect".


1) Hulk, holding back during the World War Hulk, beat an all out Sentry who TB said to be as powerful as the Siege Sentry. After Hulk beat Sentry he proved to be even more powerful than before.

2) Thor got destroyed by Sentry/Void. He killed him because Sentry asked him to be killed. Bendis said that in no other way Thor could have killed him and that's was pretty clear from the issue.

Hulk (holding back) > All out Sentry/Void >>>>> Thor. There is not anything disrespectful to be after Hulk and Sentry in the chain food.

Even CBR said (before wwh#5) the two top dog around are Hulk and Sentry:
CBR News sat down one last time with "WWH" writer Greg Pak for his thoughts on the battle set to answer the question of who's the strongest one in the Marvel Universe? The Green King or the Golden Guardian of Good? Let's get ready to rumble!(TM)

Actually Thor leveled Sentry. A victory. And the only "victory" Hulk got over Rhulk was after Rhulk BROKE the Hulk's arm, later Thor engaged Rulk again and Rulk even admits that "Thor had him on the ropes" only to have Hulk jump in a finish Rulk off AFTER Thor was already giving Rulk the business. Another victory for Thor, over Rulk. Hulk and Sentry stalemated. Banner then sucker punched Bob. That's probably where Hulk gets his sucker punching tactics from in the first place. Go figure. Finally, recently where Steve Rogers recruited Thor and Rhulk for a mission, Thor beats the tar out of Rhulk AGAIN and then later saves his life. The only thing left for Thor to do is beat the tar outta Hulk which you can bet your britches is on the horizon. Better do your homework.... \:-\)