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i've been a thor fan since my mom bought me issue #201, vol. 1. been a fan ever since. there's times where the stories and art are bad, but i still support thor because he's my number one book. back then, just seeing any time of thor in a cartoon my my day. with the movie coming out, and all the promotions from marvel cranking out all the good stuff...i thought i never live to see the day that thor is taking center stage in the comic world. that usually go to superman, batman, spiderman, even wonder woman! now, it's THOR's turn!

have i been upset with some of the junk that's been out? yes. have i been upset with marvel making thor look like a dunce a few months back? yes.
but am i going to turn my back on thor because marvel comes out with different ideas and plots? no. the best thing for thor fans is to support him. the worst thing is not to buy his books and merchandise. if you got something to say, write to them and complain. when people stop buying his books and merchandise, all they're going to say is, "oh, people are not interested anymore, let's cancel the book." wrong way to do it! write to them and tell them why you don't like this and that.

the thing with some people saying that marvel is not following the myth is total hogwash. marvel's thor is BASE on norse myth and that's all. there's times i cringe when they write thor totally different than how he usually is (fraction's current thor). but i will not stop my support for the big guy. i recently wrote to marvel on how fraction's thor is totally out of character, and i'll keep letting them know how i feel.
for example: i wrote a lot on how thor is a god, but he can easily get shot by bullets?? then JMS came out with his thor and what do you know, thor is bulletproof. was it because i was one of the people that use to write in about it? maybe. did it influenced JMS when he started writing? i doubt it, but it could have.

when thor was cancel back in 2005, it pissed me off. people stop buying thor because of the storyline. i didn't. i will always support thor and everything that comes out for him. and if there's something i don't like, i will write to them and give them a tongue-lashing.