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Subj: Re: Got the issue...still terrible, but a at least attempted some thoughts
Posted: Sat Feb 26, 2011 at 06:56:08 am EST (Viewed 3 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Got the issue...still terrible, but a at least attempted some thoughts
Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 at 02:30:45 pm EST (Viewed 134 times)

Howdy Jase! \:\-\)

    This is continuously bugging me the more I think about it. It certainly would have been more visually striking to have seen all the Asgardians, Trolls, Giants, Elves and whatnot in battle other than this Blood Legion design.

It would have been a great idea to have the World Eaters shown against the Trolls (guest appearance of Ulik), against the Dark Elves (guest appearance by Malekith) and so on. That way you could showcase how bad@ss the World Eaters were, plus the moral of the tale being that the 9 worlds would have needed to join together to battle these invaders. Imagine Thor and Ulik fighting side by side against the henchmen of Uthana Thoth. Imagine Surtur, Odin and Ymir teaming up to take on Uthana Thoth.

Instead we get a bunch of comatose Asgardians powering some muck-monsters and Odin in a fist fight.

    It's a shame that this is probably the most badass the Asgardians have been in recent memory and they're not even visually recognizable, not to mention the 'power-up' of turning into the Blood Legion still makes them look a little weak in comparison, which I guess was kind of the point? I can only guess this was done in part to continue to build up the World Eaters.

It doesn't make any sense at any stage of the story. The annoyance of it all is...

1. The World Eaters could have been completely brilliant - but they were just so utterly lame. They killed a bunch of defenceless elves - that was their claim of prowess.
2. The Blood Legion idea could have been great (imagine even when teamed up, the combined 9 Worlds Army still gets beat back because even though they fight together because of old rivalries they don't work as a team. So Odin has to use the Blood Legion magic to recreate the Mokkurkalve 90 km tall as per the myths, with the entire World Eaters force actually fighting on top of the Mokkurkalve including 1000 feet tall Odin, Ymir, Surtur and Uthana Thoth.

The more I think of it, the more I really should have written this Thor arc.

Issue #615: Thor is off battling the Absorbing Woman (Crusher Creel absorbed too much Oestrogen or something), the fight takes place on some university campus. Halfway through the fight it starts raining blood, Creel absorbs it and we sort of get a preview of the World Eaters through the eyes of Creel.

While the World Eaters invade the Asgardian continent...first encountering the Trolls.

Issue #616: Thor encounters Doctor Solvang, who is one of the teachers of quantum theory at the university, who made a quick study of the rain.

The Trolls are being defeated, Ulik momentarily turns the tide but is attacked by one of the World Eater main henchmen. Ulik wants to fight to the death, but Geirroduhr teleports him away. Here we see how powerful the World Eaters are.

Issue #617: The Trolls show up on Earth, Geirroduhr asks the Asgardians for help. Thor stalls, Ulik gets impatient, fight ensues.

Back in Asgard, Malekith and the Dark Elves try to ally with the invaders but here we see that the World Eaters do not make allies. This could be used to showcase one of the more devious World Eater henchmen. We also learn that the force that defeated the Trolls and the Dark Elves was just an advance scouting party of World Eaters...not the main army.

Issue #618: Malekith is also forced to turn to the Asgardians for help. Thor and the allies are ready to mount a counter-offensive against the World Eater force.

The World Eater's force pushes on into Helheim. Even the dead cannot stop them. Hela is forced to flee, but the World Eater's force advances so rapidly. Someone has to stay behind...any guessed it, Skurge is back, and this time he's the captain of the ship of the dead, steering it right into the massed ranks of the World Eater's.

Of course this way we can also bring back Loki, since Hel has been destroyed, its borders sundered.

Issue #619: The main force of the World Eaters (with the leader) arrives to take on the Frost Giants. In a titanic battle, the World Eater leader Uthana Thoth defeats Ymir himself.

The second force of World Eaters invades Muspell, where Surtur's wife and son lead the Fire Demons. Thor and the allies show up and the tide of battle swings against the initial World Eater force. With Thor, Ulik and Malakith barely managing to slay the son of the leader. After which the remainder of the World Eaters scatter and flee. The Allies retreat back to the ruins of Asgard.

Issue #620: Uthana Thoth learns of the death of his son and the massive main World Eater army prepares to invade the ruins of Asgard for the final showdown. The allies put up a valiant show but sheer weight of numbers tells against them. Plus Uthana Thoth is nigh on unstoppable. In a last desperate act Thor God-blasts the world tree, reviving Odin.

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