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I think we've been seeing his Mother's side of the family from day one, just without SAYING it. Typical Asgardian males can lift/press about 30 Tons and really strong Asgardian males probably 50-60 tons. THOR is a high end CLASS 100+ being. His strength is more than double that of a typical Asgardian. He's literally super humanly strong for a race of already super strong beings. Thor's strength, endurance and other physical powers are clearly not natural for an Asgardian to have. Odin's OTHER blood sons (Tyr & Balder) are nowhere near as physically powerful as Thor. Vidar is stronger than the other two but his mother was a Giantess and he's STILL weaker than THOR.

And who is to say that his Weather Control powers are NOT from the Earth Goddess? Just because Daddy is a "SKY" Father doesn't mean ODIN has weather control powers (he actually does NOT). Thor's mother is the EARTH Elder Goddess and weather patterns are created as a part of the earth's ecosystem which she would have complete control over. EGO the Living Planet should have no problem creating storms within his living biosphere.

Unlike the GREEK gods, Asgardians do not typically display "specialty powers" outside of Class 30 Strength. They can't fly, or throw lightning, or run at the speed of thought. They tend to rely on skill and in rare cases employ mystical weapons and armor. The only Asgardians who have "Powers" are usually magic users like Odin, Enchantress, Loki, etc. So if "specialty powers" are not exactly the norm for even Odin's Blood Sons. where did Thor get his MOJO from? Simple Answer: MOM.

Mjolnir has many powers, among them Weather Control, but as many have speculated, it probably just augments and focuses Thor's INATE weather control/creation abilities. Mjolnir brings a slew of other abilities to the table and it's value as a weapon is much, much more than nasty weather.

So I say that THOR gets his MOJO from MOM and not so much DAD.

As the Asgardian God of Thunder, weather control as stated by Thor several times, is his birthright. Odin made him so. Once when Odin went to "visit" the Olympians, I think right before the Celestial Arc, One of the Gods of Olympus hurled lightning bolts at Odin. Odin simply caught it and said something like, "You would hurl sky fire at Odin? The one who enchanted Mjolnir?" Being a SKY Father means Just that. Thor being his son by birthright and divine appointment of Odin made him the God of Thunder.
As for Thor's great strengh, I do agree. Due to him being a "hybrid" if you will, he definitley has incredible strenght much higher than the normal Asgardian male. So in a nut shell, it WOULD be interesting to see what power he has from his mother's side. Possibly true immortality? Maybe some of the more exotic power that resides in MJOLNIR is from his mother and Odin simply put it in the hammer (teleportation, energy strikes, etc.)Who knows? But we would surely LOVE to see this explored in depth. A mini-series, Thor, Son of the Earth Goddess, would be a hit! (something like that.) \:\-\)

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