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I try to avoid spoilers and info concerning movies I intend to see no matter what. Still, from places like this board, I've heard grumblings that the Thor movie will suggest they're more super science than mythological.

But, the Asgardians in the Marvel universe has always had an element of the super science about them. At least, back in the Grand Olden Times of the comic.

When Odin sent Thor out to seek the mystery of Galactus, he went in the "Odin Ship". As trim a little starship as any space traveller could wish for.

The Grand Vizier once donned the "Odin Helmet", which turned wishes into reality. Very high tech looking head gear.

As many times as Odin and company have scanned faraway events and places with magic smoke or mystic pools, Odin has activated funky view screens with a wave of his hand.

When their heavy hitters were not available against Mangog, the Asgardian army rolled out a massive artillery piece called the "Thunder Cannon".

Even Walt Simonson, the master of merging Marvel and mythology, had an interesting little moment. Beta Ray Bill was a warrior mind placed into a revved up, bioengineered monster body. When Thor and Bill had their great duel to claim Mjolnir, both were badly hurt. In their convalescing, Bill thanks Odin. "Your physicians and your smiths have worked wonders." So, Asgardian blacksmiths can not only forge a mean sword, they're pretty good with advanced cybernetic systems.

So, as much as I am a fan of Norse Mythology, if the movie wants to go the super science route, I'm good with it.

I don't REALLY have a problem with the SUPER SCIENCE either. The idea that the Asgardian's "magic" is really just insanely advanced science...honestly SO WHAT? Just make their science so psychotically advanced that it even looks like magic to advanced interstellar races like Skrulls and even Kang the Conqueror! Make it so advanced that it rivals and even surpasses the stuff that beings like Thanos, Galactus and the Elders of the Universe have. At some point such super science can't be explained - it so awesome its MAGIC!

Look at it this way. Dr. Reed Richards is PURE SCIENTIST (Agnostic). His sciencific method would eventually evolve into the same direction of say Galactus. By comparison, Dr. Doom's scientific method is slanted to the Mystical and would eventually evolve into something similar to Asgardian Magic. Of interesting note, Doom has unlocked TIME TRAVEL while Richards has not.

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